Zambia_flag_ip Country name:  Zambia

Sub-region: Southern Africa

Capital city: Lusaka

Zambia is a country enclosed in southern Africa. It is surrounded by Tanzania to the northeast, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana to the south, Angola to the west, a small border with Namibia to the southwest and Congo (DRC) to the north. The country of Zambia is known for its majestic landscapes, its peaceful lakes and its rich wildlife. It is famous for the Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural wonders of the world.

Currency: Kwacha zambian

Official languages: English

Languages spoken: Bemba, kaonde, lozi, lunda, luvale, nsenga, nyanja, tonga


  • Compulsory: Yellow fever. Only for everyone arriving from a country where yellow fever is endemic. To be done at least 6 days before entering Zambia
  • Recommended: Hepatitis A&B, thyphoid, diphteria, tetanus, poliomyelitis
  • Zambia regularly knows epidemics of measles: so an update with this vaccination can be necessary. Vaccination against rabies can also be required and suggested in some cases

Airlines flying to the destination: Emirates, Kenya Airways / Ethiopian Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines

Editor’s words  We love Zambia for its incredible Victoria Falls, but not just that! It is a country where man and animals have always interacted with each other, they live together in perfect harmony.

Quote /proverb  A vocation is big if only it is pursued with greatness

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