Senegal_flag_ip Country name: Senegal

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Dakar

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Senegal is surrounded by Mauritania to the North and East, Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau to the South. We find the Gambia as an enclave within Senegal. Cape Verde Islands are located 560 km from the coast of Senegal. Senegal is named after the river that borders the East and North, which rises in the Fouta Djallon in Guinea. Senegal is by far the most tourist country and most famous in Africa, particularly in French speaking Africa. Welcome to Senegal, the country of “Teranga”, country of hospitality but also the country of gastronomy, music, tradition, culture and history. Indeed, Senegal has many touristic assets. Whether the Djoudj National Park, a UNESCO heritage and the Saloum Delta, the diversity of bird species with Pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, herons staying on the bird island, the emblematic island of Gorée witness of the dark days of the slave trade, and beaches such as Ngor, will all change you.

Currency: West African CFA Franc

Official language: French

Languages spoken: Wolof, Fulani, Serer, Jola and Mandinka are the five most-spoken and known languages with also more than 40 ​​Senegalese traditional languages


  • Recommended: yellow fever, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, BCG, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, pertussis, meningitis A and C, typhoid. A preventive treatment against malaria is highly recommended especially for short stays.

Airlines flying to the destination: Royal Air Maroc, Emirates, Kenya Airways, Tunisair, Turkish Airlines, TAP Portugal, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines

We tested for you  Do you feel like chilling, having a drink or having lunch under the hot sun? One of the ideal places for this in Dakar is the Cabane du Surfer in Ngor. Down there, close to the rocks. From there, the view is breathtaking. The sea, the waves rolling and the surfers who enjoy walking on water thanks to their boards. When watching them, you feel like an expert — Syra

Quote /proverb  A child may live abroad for many years, he will still think about his homeland.

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