Mali_flag_ip Country name: Mali

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital city: Bamako

The main asset of Mali is his culture and tradition. A visible culture in the four biggest attractions, all World Heritage of Unesco. We talk about the Dogon Country (one of the most visited of West Africa), the city of Djenne, the famous city of Timbuktu and the Sahara Gao region housing the Tomb of Askia. The river Niger, also stands majestically and travels throughout the country.

Currency: Franc CFA

Official languages: Arabic and French

Languages spoken: bambara, sénoufo, soninké, sarakolé, dogon, fulfulde, malinké, touareg.


  • Mandatory vaccinations: Yellow fever
  • Recommended vaccinations: Hepatitis A and B and preventive treatment against malaria

Airlines flying to the destination: Air France,  Aigle Azur, Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, Air Algérie, Ethiopian Airlines, Tunisair, Kenya Airways

Editor’s words  When I planned my trip to Bamako, the first thing I wanted to see was the studio of the Malian photographer Malick Sidibé. It represents everything I love about photography. With anything, it tells us stories, takes us through the ages. I am a fan for years of the so-called “eye of Bamako” and its counterpart, the fire Seydou Keita. — Diana-Audrey

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