Country name: Guinea

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Conakry

Guinea is commonly known as « Guinea – Conakry » which differentiates it from the two other Guineas (Bissau and Equatorial). Its neighboring countries are Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mali to the North, Côte d’ Ivoire in the East, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the South and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. Flora, fauna, handicraft, and folklore, Guinea holds many surprises unknown to the general public. The beautiful landscapes of the Fouta Djallon, one of Guinea’s regions will allow you to know the source of several rivers of West Africa. Indeed, the Fouta Jalon is called « the water castle of West Africa » because it is the start of many rivers such as Niger river, Senegal river and Gambia river, among others.

Currency: Guinean franc

Official language: French

Languages spoken: Malinke, Susu, Fulani, Kissi, Guerzé, toma


  • Mandatory vaccinations: Yellow fever
  • Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria-tetanus- polio, meningitis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B

Airlines flying to the destination: Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines

Quote /proverb  Heaven and earth were created out of love

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