Tunisia_flag_ip Country name: Tunisia

Sub-region: North Africa

Capital: Tunis

Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east, to the west by Algeria and southeast by Libya. Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa and opens up to you with a multitude of cultural and historical assets. The site of Carthage is an archaeological wonder, the artisans’ village in Sidi Bou Said reflecting the Tunisian traditional art. Not to mention Tunisia deserts, beaches and well-being.

Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND)

Official languages, languages spoken: Arabic, French and Berber

Vaccinations: None

Visa d’entrée: Mandatory

Airlines flying to the destination: Tunisair, Air France, Brussel Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Transavia, Air Mediterranée, Turkish Airlines, Air Malta, Lufthansa, Air Algérie

Editor’s words  We like Tunisia for the warm welcome of its people. Ideal destination for a family vacation.

Quote /proverb  If luck smiles at you, you have to laugh at it

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