Togo_flag_ip Country name:  Togo

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Lomé

Togo is among the smaller African countries with 56,785 km2, extending about 700 km from north to south with a width not exceeding 100 km. Togo is bounded to the north by Burkina Faso, to the south by the Gulf of Guinea, east by Benin and to the west by Ghana. But one thing is sure, the small size is not synonymous with lack of wealth and assets that invite discovery. Plains, savannas, sandy beach, mountain, hills, Togo has everything to please you. You will meet the authentic Africa in Togo with the Tamberma castles on the list of UNESCO World Heritage as the Koutammakou countries Batammaribas. Art and crafts are very present in Togo whether basketry, leather goods, traditional pottery and weaving. Sokodé is the regional capital famous for weaving. Take a tour through the many Togolese markets especially the fetish market to discover the Togolese religion and traditional medicine. As for those beaches Baguida-Avepozo few kilometers from Lome to Benin, will welcome you in their palms for moments of relaxation.

Currency: Franc CFA

Official languages: French

Languages spoken: Ewe and Kabyé, English and german too


  • Mandatory vaccinations: Yellow fever
  • Recommended vaccinations: Hepatitis A and B and preventive treatment against malaria

Airlines flying to the destination:  Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines

Quote /proverb  Un sentier dans la forêt aboutit toujours à une case

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