South_Sudan_flag_ip Country name: South Sudan

Sub-region: East Africa

Capital: Juba

Located in the northeast of Africa, on the edge of the Arab-Muslim and African worlds , South Sudan has a surface of 619,745 km². South Sudan is bordered to the north by Sudan, to the west by the Central African Republic, to the south by Congo – Kinshasa, Uganda and Kenya, to the east by Ethiopia. South Sudan is the world ‘s newest country. The independence process was violent and bloody. Today, South Sudan is one of the least developed and least known country in the world. However, when the country fully develops its tourist attractions, travelers will marvel at a multitude of tribal groups and excited by the National Parks and the country’s wildlife wealth.

Currency: South Sudanese pound

Official language: English


  • Mandatory: yellow fever
  • Recommended: typhoid, viral hepatitis A and B

Airlines flying to the destination:  Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Saudia, EgyptAir, Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Royal Jordanian, Kenya Airways

Quote /proverb  With patience, you can turn sand into gold