Country name: Sierra Leone

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital: Freetown

Sierra Leone is located between Guinea and Liberia and bordered to the southwest by the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone has long been away from tourism because of the many civil wars. Today the tourism industry back in the saddle and forward and the undeniable strengths: beautiful beaches with 402km of Coes, the Turtle Islands, Brunce Island and its fort, memory place where the slaves were leaving. The fauna and flora are also valuable treasures intact: Mount Bintumani peaking at 1945mètres in the Loma mountains in Freetown is the highest peak in West Africa. Sierra Leone is home to many parks and reserves and over 120 species of birds bird watchers will be delighted.

Currency: Le Leone

Languages spoken: English

Spoken languages: Le krio, Temne, Mendé


  • Mandatory vaccinations: Yellow fever
  • Recommended vaccinations: Viral hepatitis A and B, Rabies (if Circuit “adventurous”), tetanus, poliomyelitis, typhoid, meningitis A and C

Airlines flying to the destination: Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines

Quote /proverb  The death of a man is the end of life but not the end of the world

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