Rwanda_flag_ip Country name: Republic of Rwanda

Sub-region: East Africa

Capital: Kigali

Rwanda is a country of high plateaus in Central Africa, located on the dividing line of the waters of the Congo and the Nile, in the heart of the Great Lakes region. The country is bounded to the west and northwest by the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the north by Uganda, to the east by Tanzania and to the south by Burundi. Today, for everyone, mentioning Rwanda will bring to mind the genocide which has destabilized this small country in 1994. But since these devastating days, the country has built some tribal unity and promising political stability. Tourism is for Rwanda a key driver of the economy. Rwanda offers the possibility to track the mountain gorillas through bamboo forests, to walk in the shade of the Virunga volcanoes. Its iconic mountains are shrouded in the equatorial jungle and are the origin of its nickname: “The Land of a Thousand Hills”.

Currency: Rwandan franc

Official languages, languages spoken: kinyarwanda, French, English


  • Mandatory: Yellow fever
  • Recommended: Hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, rabies, malaria treatment

Airlines flying to the destination: KLM, Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways

Editor’s words  We like Rwanda because it has many hidden treasures. We discover Rwanda through its fauna with its famous gorillas, its Kivu Lake and mountains and captivating volcanoes. You will go back to the time of the genocide by visiting hotel Rwanda. And don’t forget to come back with ethnic necklaces and pieces of essential Rwandan basketry.

Quote /proverb  The one who has traveled a lot knows as much as the one who studied a lot

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