The journey begins on your plate!African cuisine abounds in treasures unknown to the general public. It encompasses wonderful gastronomical traditions which offer an infinite range of tastes, colours and textures.


I invite you to rediscover this culinary heritage with some of my delicious new, quick and easy recipes as well as popular classics and other revisited recipes thanks to cooks and chefs who were more than happy to pass on their little secrets and tips.

The journey begins on your plate!

Let your stomach be the guide and explore the African continent through its diverse cuisines.
Gastronomy could prove to boost the tourism industry in a number of countries, provided our continent’s culinary traditions are properly recognized/ and showcased.

That’s my mission with this column and the ethos of, an interactive and collaborative digital platform dedicated to tourism and culture on the African continent.
It’s time to put our food on the map!

Nathalie Brigaud Ngoum

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