You probably know that Instagram is the social media platform of choice for travellers. To this end, we share your best pictures stamped with our #visiterlafrique hashtag on the daily. Every Monday, our editorial team will be sharing our personal favourite shots.


1. Cameroun w/ @traveltalesgh

Our dish of the week hails from Cameroon.

📷 : @traveltalesgh | #Visiterlafrique #Cameroun

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2. Mitsamiouli, Comores w/ @kanayakine

Mitsamiouli is the Comoros’ tourist hub, boasting white sand beaches, vestiges of royal palaces dating back to the age of the sultanates and vacation accommodation ranging from simple bungalows to luxury hotels. Mitsamiouli’s population is of Bantu, Arabic and French origin.

3. Casablanca, Maroc w/ @youngsterz_vio

Basking in Casablanca’s sun.

Casablanca, Morocco w/ @youngsterz_vio | #Visiterlafrique #Morocco #Travel #Africa #voyage

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4. Angola w/ @Jessartes

This week in carefreeness.

5. Marrakech, Maroc w/ @Voodart

Visiter l’Afrique’s founder on a birthday weekend in Marrakech #DianeauMaroc

Marrakech, Morrocco w/ @voodart. #Visiterlafrique #Voyage #Africa #Travel

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6. Le Caire, Egypte w/ @micernest

Posing in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

7. Fajara, Gambie, w/ @a.iradukunda

Nap time at Leybato Hotel! In Mandika, leybato means “by the river or seaside”.

alhamdoulilah #travelnoire #visiterlafrique #leybatobeach

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8. Niamey, Niger w/ @Jumiatravelwaf

Under the Grand Mosque of Niamey’s dome…


9. Porto Novo, Bénin w/ @amilleetunevilles

A short lesson in lunar cycles.


10. Harare, Zimbabwe w/ @prosperk2

A shot of Harare’s city centre.


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Translation from french by Sally Vusi.