You probably know that Instagram is the social media platform of choice for travellers. To this end, we share your best pictures stamped with our #visiterlafrique hashtag on the daily. Every Monday, our editorial team will be sharing our personal favourite shots.


1. Marrakech, Maroc w/ @sabribeny

The couple of the week.

Marrakech, Morrocco w/ @sabribeny . #Visiterlafrique #Voyage #Africa #Travel

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2. Dakar, Sénégal w/ @benedicteking

Bénédicte at the Place du Souvenir African. Located on Dakar’s western corniche, the square was inaugurated in June 2009 and is part of President Wade grand cultural project.


3. Luxor, Egypt w/ @micernest

@micernest takes our account over once again during his trip to Egypt.

Luxor,Egypt w/ @micernest #voyage #DiscoverAfrica #Egypt #Travel #InstagramTakeover

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4. Diaguili, Guidimaka, Mauritania w/ Afrikanista

Need a weekly beauty break? Be like Aïssé and treat yourself to some Henna!.


5. Mombasa, Kenya w/ @laura.dsj

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city. It is known for its warm climate and beautiful white sand beaches.


6. Dabakala, Côte d’Ivoire w/ @auremorvan

Dabakala is a city in central Cote d’Ivoire.


7. Kano, Nigeria, w/ @_trueafrica

Photo taken during the Durbar Festival. The Durbar festival is an annual event organized by the Hausa people to celebrate Eid.

8. Oran, Algéria w/ @raouf.being.moorish

Oran Street shot !

Dream destination : Oran, Algeria w/ @raouf.being.moorish | #Visiterlafrique #Algeria #Oran

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9. Kinshasa, RDC w/ @Kinshasamaville

Pool chilling circa 1967.

Kinshasa 1967 #kinshasa #kinshasamaville #Rdcongo #afrique #africa #discoverafrica #kinlabelle #visiterlafrique

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10. Zambezi River, Zambia w/ @felipecampbell

The Zambezi passes through Zambia, Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

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Translation from french by Sally Vusi.