You probably know that Instagram is the social media platform of choice for travellers. To this end, we share your best pictures stamped with our #visiterlafrique hashtag on the daily. Every Monday, our editorial team will be sharing our personal favourite shots.


1. Luanda, Angola w/@stefan.helder

This week, photographer @Stefan.helder shares his snapshots of the contient on Visiter l’Afrique’s instagram account.


2. Luanda, Angola w/@Stefan.helder

The baby of the week by #Stefan.helder.

Photo by: @stefan.helder You were made to be AWESOME. #visiterlafrique #thelightchaser #silhouetetherapy #angola #luanda #voyage #travel

Une photo publiée par Visiter L’Afrique (@visiterlafrique) le


3. Kalandula, Angola w/ @Stefan.helder

The Kalandula Falls are located in the province of Malanje. They are one of the Top 3 tallest waterfalls in Africa.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania w/ @@yiine_e

In Zanzibar, the water temperature is around 27°C all year round.


5. Dakar, Senegal w/ @aldidiasse

Bird’s eye view of Dakar’s coast.


6. Brazzaville, Congo w/ @whoisfeline

The Sainte-Anne Basilica in Brazzaville.


7. Dades Gorge, Morocco w/ @thecuriousescape

The Dadès valley is located in southern Morocco and is about 25km long.


8. Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, Kenya w/ @thekenyancamper

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is 65km from Nairobi.


9. Ganvié, Benin w/ @manubouiti

Nicknamed “the Venice of Africa”, Ganvié is a village located north of Cotonou.

10. Berea, Lesotho w/ @mappafrica

The Kome Cave was used as a hideout by the Basia and Bataung clans during the war. Their descendants still live there today.

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Translation from french by Sally Vusi.