December has arrived and it is the month of weddings in Africa. For this occasion, the entire team has prepared the top 10 of ideal destinations for a magical honeymoon in Africa.


1-) The winelands (South Africa)


The wineland is a region in South Africa surrounded by Stellenbosch, a university town in the east of Cape Town. The wine roads of the region offers a rich diversity of beautiful landscapes, a rich cultural history and an impressive variety of tasty wines. A charming countryside, relaxing and atypical for a romantic getaway.


For your lodge (or accommodation) Visiterlafrique suggests ALLEGRIA guesthouse & vineyards, a charming hotel which has all the modern equipment needed where you will be able to have a picnic in the garden and enjoy its harvest.


As for the food, Visiter l’Afrique recommends brunching at TWAALF, a quality restaurant with affordable prices, as well as the AMAZINK to taste African specialities.


In terms of activities, you would most likely enjoy: 


  • Butterfly world, the largest Butterfly park in South Africa.
  • A visit of the Delaire winery, nestled in the hillside between the mountains and foothills of Stellenbosch.
  • The giraffe house wildlife awareness.


2-) Zanzibar (Tanzania)


You’re thinking about your ideal destination for your honeymoon? Forget the Maldives or Seychelles and head to Zanzibar.


Zanzibar, a destination with multiple interests. You will be able to enjoy the perks of the island life such as white sandy beaches, tropical trees galore…while also experiencing the cultural and nature beauty offered by the mainland of Tanzania on a safari tour. Change of scenery guaranteed!


We would suggest a stay of 7-10 days to fully enjoy a 100% relaxing holiday in a paradisiac scenery on the island. Allow 2 to 3 weeks if you are planning on heading to mainland Tanzania. You will fall in love with Zanzibar and its capital Stone Town, with its markets, spices culture, cultural mix made up of African, Arabic with a zest of Indian.


Make sure to embark on a dhow (traditional Arabic sailing boat) at sunset with champagne glasses to enjoy a romantic night. You can stay at Essque Zalu Zanzibar located in Nungwi which combines the perfect mix of contemporary style and Swahili. Each suite has a traditional Makuti roof.


3-) Lamu island (Kenya)


Lamu island is the most famous island of the Lamu archipelago. Located on the verge shore of the Indian ocean, off the northern coast of Kenya, the tiny island has kept its ancient civilization and old charm. The island is surrounded by a rich marine life There are no cars allowed, donkeys are the only way of transportation authorized. These various features make Lamu the ideal destination to enjoy a romantic getaway for a few days.


For your lodge, Visiter l’Afrique suggests MAJLIS Hotel for its facilities (Spa, swimming pool, spacious ensuite and restaurant) and its location by the sea.


To leave the hotel, Visiter l’Afrique suggests Karkadesh, a restaurant which serves local dishes while an adept of the concept of slow food. We also recommend the Mango top restaurant, a restaurant which offers stunning views over the rooftops of the village of Lamu.


As for the activities we would suggest:


  • Visiting the Lamu market.
  • A sailing tour around the archipelago.
  • Visit the Swahili house.


4-) The national park of the Nyungwe forest (Rwanda)


Fancy spending a unique honeymoon? We would suggest to stay at Nyungwe in the heart of the famous national park of the Nyungwe forest, in south-western Rwanda.


Created in 2004, the park covers an area of 970 km² made of tropical forest, bamboo, prairies, swamps et bogs.


Nyungwe is one of the oldest forests in Africa and one of the last habitats of the rainforest mountain.


For your lodge, our favorite is with no hesitation the NYUNGWE FOREST LODGE located in the heart of the tea plantation, on the edge of the national park. An idyllic location, a marvewithh a taste of African jungle. You can take advantage of the hotel facilities, go encounter chimpanzees or visit the tea factories. Don’t forget to relax at the infinity pool, with views on the forest.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Interiors

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Interiors

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Interiors

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Interiors

5-) Chefchaouen (Maroc)


The Chefchaouen Medina is one of the most beautiful inn Morocco. A few kilometers away from Tanger, it is composed of blue and white buildings and the omnipresence of andalousian influences. Chefchaouen is the ideal place for a romantic getaway, you can swim and bathe in the mountain streams, hike and trek in the surrounding hills as well as enjoy local gastronomy.


For your lodge, Visiter l’Afrique suggests the RIAD LINA SPA, a resort with amenities such as a hammam, a swimming pool, a restaurant which serves local dishes as wellw as international cuisine, and spacious rooms offering a view on the Medina.


As for the food, Visiter l’Afrique recommends the restaurant AL MOUKHTAR, a restaurant mainly held by locals where you will be able to enjoy a delicious couscous at an affordable rate. The restaurant PALOMA is also a good address offering a rich cuisine and diversified thanks to its selection of Berber, meditaraneen and African influences(inspirations).


As for the activities we would suggest:


  • A hike in the AKchour waterfalls, don’t hesitate to stop in one of the small shops along the way (trail).
  • Visit the kasbah and the ethnology museum of Chefchaouen.
  • Visit a market (souk) to enjoy the Chefchaouen art.


6-) Mauritius island 


Mauritius island is the perfect dream destination to keep an unforgettable memory of your honeymoon. It’s a popular destination amongst the newly weds. If you enjoy beautiful hotels with an ocean view, sandy beaches, water sports such as scuba diving, it’s the place to be.


Mauritians are well known for their warmth and hospitality. The authentic and romantic mix of the island will make you travel. Visiter l’Afrique suggests the CONSTANCE PRINCE MAURICE which is one of the most finest hotel of the island. The hotel is located in the middle of a lush and tropical vegetation. The infinity pool and the natural reserves bring a feeling of serenity to the scenery.


If you are a gourmet, rest assured, you will eat very well in Mauritus. You will find options for all the budgets. Unlike other countries there isn’t one national dish. Each community/ethnicity has its dishes, no dish stands out. The influences are of asian, creole and european background. On the menu of the day you can find rice, beef, chicken, vegetables…


You will find all about this destination in travel books or online, take notes but make sure to experience it. Take a day to stroll around and discover your new environment.


7-) Islet of Tsarabanjina (Madagascar)


Located in the North-west of Madagascar, the Islet of Tsarabanjina is the perfect place for your honeymoon.


Tsarabanjina is part of six islets of the Mitsio archipelago accessible from Nosy Be. The Islet is known for its untouched side, lush forests mainly dominated by palm trees, its white sandy beaches, its turquoise water and its natural and coral reefs rich in fauna and underwater vegetation. Tsarabanjina is considered as the most beautiful Islets of Mitsio.


The dominating themes are luxury, relaxation and beach. You will spend your honeymoon on an island of your own, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.


The famous 5 stars resort CONSTANCE Tasarabanjina offers gorgeous private villas made of ecologic thatched roof made in the respect of the environment.


Your will live and experience an adventure like a real robinson crusoé with charm, elegance and pleasure. Activities for your stay : discovering the biodiversity of the island, tasting Malagasy and seafood specialties, and scuba diving.


8°) – Boa Vista, Sal Rei (Cape Verde)


Boa Vista is the eastermost, the third largest island of Cape Verde and the most exotic. This island offers white sand coming from the Sahara, crystal clear water and oases.

In the capital Sal Rei Boa Vista, one can admire the goods sold by African traders, colorful batiks, carved figures, as well as fruits and vegetables. Boa Vista is a barely touristic paradise, making it a haven for a romantic getaway.

In terms of lodging, Visiter l’Afriquw suggests the MIGRANTE GUEST HOUSE, a beautifully restored former mansion on the waterfront. Inside you will find an arty bar and a courtyard full of shade, strung with Moorish lanterns.

As for food, Visiter l’Afrique recommensa the TOCA OF Garoupa to eat while having your feet in the water or SODADE NHA TERRA DI – Rabil, there is no specific menu in this restaurant, however the food is excellent and Cape Verdian, a real Cape Verdean experience.


In terms of activities we suggest:


  • Take an eco-tour biking.
  • Try surfing, windsurfing and Kitesurfing.
  • Visit the wreck of Santa Maria with a guide.
  • Find a bar to listen to the “morna” typical music of Cape Verde.


9-) Lake Malawi (Mozambique)


What if you opted for Mozambique, magical land south-east of the continent, sitting on the shores of the Indian Ocean ? The country is known for its long white beaches and crystal clear waters, ranging from turquoise and emerald green … enough to make you dream.


If for you too, your honeymoon is synonymous with idleness, this destination is perfect for you. Visiter l’ Afrique recommends a place tested by its ambassadors, the LODGE Nkwichi. It is set in a small private bay surrounded by the forest. You will have a view of Lake Malawi. Our ambassador, invites you to do like him, sleep under the stars in a bed and above all on a secluded beach …. Heaven! The place has 6 cottages and two thatched houses.


You are in the heart of Africa in the Manda Reserve, that means 600km² of protected species closely with the communities. Ideally, it is better to get there between May and October. If you wish to enjoy yourself, take 10-15 days, the ideal time to mix pleasure, relaxation and adventure.



10-) Botswana


This is in Botswana that we have found the most beautiful lodges in the delta for your honeymoon. First the Okuti CAMP, a small private camp rests entirely on stilts over the River Kwai, one of the arms of the Okavango Delta. It offers a fantastic and authentic experience. The lodge consists of nine spacious cabins with thatched roof and overlooks one of the most beautiful delta lagoons. The Okuti Camp can not accommodate more than 18 people, making it an exclusive and private place.


The place is surrounded by an abundant wildlife, if you love nature, fresh air and the great outdoors, this place is for you. Nearby you have the Moremi Reserve which is considered one of the most incredible wildlife sanctuaries in the world. If you are a photographer, you will enjoy capturing wild animals because the remote location prevents mass tourism from scaring them away.


According to our local contributors, although Botswana has an image of a luxurious destination, they all agree that when going there, you are guaranteed to come back with magical memories. So if you want to spend your honeymoon there, it’s the right decision.



Bonus : 

The domain of Petpenoun (Cameroon)


The domain of Petpenoun is a real little haven of Western Cameroon. Located between the city of Foumbot and the Lake Bamendjing, it is the perfect place for a honeymoon on Cameroonian land. A unique place that allows you to escape the noise and city pace while on a green getaway.


During your romantic rendez-vous , you can visit the Ekom waterfalls , known for being the Tarzan movie filming locations . You can also discover a part of the Adamawa massif . Its volcanic mountains mark the natural border between West Africa and Central Africa.


In the domain of Petpenoun, you will stay in beautiful exotic wooden pavilions .


Love, happiness.


PS: We are available if you have any questions.


The Team of Visiter l’Afrique.