Visiting Marrakech without stopping by the Majorelle Garden would be a terrible mistake. Located in the city center, this haven of peace grabs your curiosity with its tranquil atmosphere and its indescribable beauty.


For the record, the Majorelle Garden was created by French painter Jacques Majorelle in the 30s before being bought by the well known Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. Passionate by botany, Majorelle created this botanical garden when he moved to Morocco. It was first a botanical garden, which he fed and grew by bringing rare plants from his many trips. Subsequently, this garden inspired him the color “Majorelle Blue”. This intense blue, has become a benchmark in Morocco, which he used on the walls of his house and garden.


Hundreds of variety of plants (cacti, banana trees, palm trees, giant bamboo, yucca, philodendron, geraniums) cohabit in its avenues which spread over half a hectare. Behind the cactus and palm trees lie many flower pots and other aquatic plants. Hundreds of birds have made their home on the fountains, the garden gates, the different buildings and trees. The mix of bright colors (with the dominant Majorelle Blue) and the sound harmony prevailing there give a real feeling of freshness, healing and freedom. A paradise for nature lovers.


The Majorelle Garden is inspired by Islamic gardens of the era. The former paint studio of Jacques Majorelle was transformed into a Berber Culture Museum, formerly the Museum of Islamic Art. You will discover an amazing and beautiful Berber art collection (oriental rugs, jewelry, costumes and sculptures) as well as canvases painted by Jacques Majorelle.


The garden is open all year long from 8am to 6pm (change of schedule in the winter). For more information, please visit their website :


Un endroit incontournable à Marrakech !