Just like everyone else “Travel More” is on my resolution list once again. I can say that this goal was somewhat achieved last year, but this is the year of bigger and better! I found a way to travel from coast to coast, and across Africa this year, and here is how … FESTIVALS! Festivals are happening all over the continent and they provide a creative fun thing to do during your stay away. Especially in terms of a travel boost, booking and selecting festivals gives you a timeline to work around when planning your travel in 2019.

Here are some of the festivals that are on my radar this year, and hopefully will be on yours too.


Sauti za Busara Festival

Where: Stone Town, Zanzibar
When: Feb 7 -10 2019

Is there ever a time when we’ll miss an opportunity to go to Zanzibar? No. This is no exception. The Sauti za Busara is a showcase of Swahili music and culture at the heart of Stone Town for 3 days. It is the perfect location to unwind and get refreshed or break from the office for a weekend.


Harmony on the Lake

Where: Lake Turkana, Kenya
When: April 28 – 30 2019

It was organized by 14 of the local Turkanan community in 2008 as a way to celebrate culture and unity. It has been an annual event since then and opened to the public. It has been pivotal for the communities involved to interact and promote peace and co-existence in the Turkana region. Over the 3 days, visitors are previewed to performances, cuisine and a way of life. The drive from Nairobi to Loiyangalani takes 3 days across the beautiful Kenyan landscape, therefore, plan to be away for at least a week exploring Kenya.


Gorillas Galore Festival

Where: Kwita Izina, Rwanda
When: Sept 2

Home to the largest population of gorillas, Rwanda has made an annual event to celebrate these magnificent beasts. The Gorilla Galore Festival is an annual naming ceremony that takes place at the foot of Virunga mountain ranges. It is part of the conservation efforts in Rwanda. All the gorilla infants born in the year since the last ceremony are brought and named by different participants at the ceremony including the Rwandan Prime Minister in 2012. This is one of the major tourism events of the year in Rwanda.


Hermanus Whale Festival 

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: Sept 27 – 29

One of the oldest festivals on the continent, the Hermanus Whale Festival is in its 27th year. It is known as the “best land-based whale watching in the world”. September is peak whale watching season, specifically the Southern Right whale, which is one of the world’s endangered species. The festival is renowned for its Eco-Marine tent which is both informative and entertaining for attendees of all ages. Other than the festival, you can enjoy vibrant food and nightlife scene.

Other than the aforementioned festivals, North Africa has a variety of music festivals throughout the year in Marrakech and the Egyptian coast. Also, keep an eye out for AfroPunk and AfrikaBurn as the dates are decided.

Having commitment, like a festival, will make sure you are proactive to booking accommodation, visas and tickets. Additionally, it’s a great way to plan a travel budget for the year using specific events in mind. Happy Travelling, do not forget to tag us on all your adventures.