Libya_flag_ip Country name:  Libya

Sub-region: North Africa

Capital: Tripoli

Since the lifting of the embargo in the 2000s, Libya rebuilt and encourages tourism. This is the most secret destination in North Africa. Bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, west by Algeria and Tunisia, to the south by Niger and Chad and to the east by Sudan and Egypt, Libya is the fourth biggest African country in terms of area (1,759,540 km2). Libya has many sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Between archaeological remains, desert, beaches, Libya will surprise you.

Currency: Dinar libyen (LYD)

Official languages, languages spoken: Arabic and English

Vaccinations: Yellow fever for travelers coming from Sub-Saharan Africa and South America Airlines flying to the destination: Air Sahara Occidental, Royal Air Maroc

Airlines flying to the destination:  Air Sahara Occidental, Royal Air Maroc

Editor’s words  We like Libya because of its treasures that are still to be discovered : the Sahara, the souks and the medina of Tripoli, the famous ancient site of Sabratha, Ghadames etc … Lybia is the ideal destination for travelers in quest of authenticity and unseen landscapes

Quote /proverb  After every trip you take, you become a little by smarter

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