The_Gambia_flag_ip Country name: Gambia

Sub-region: West Africa

Capital city: Banjul

Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent. It is surrounded by Senegal, and resembles a fine strip of land in which the Gambian River flows on each side into the Atlantic Ocean. Gambia extends 10 689 km² west to the Atlantic Ocean. Gambia is nicknamed the « smiling coast of Africa ». The principal attributes of Gambia are its beautiful and massive sandy beaches and opportunities for watching various species of birds. You’ll find the most beautiful beaches at Saint Marie and Kambo.

Currency: Gambian Dalasi

Official languages: English and soon Arabic

Languages spoken: Mandinka, Peil, Wolof, Diola

Required Vaccination:

  • Yellow Fever

Airlines flying to the destination: Royal Air Morocco,  Brussels Airlines, Vueling Airlines

Quote /proverb  No matter how much the world changes, cats will never lay eggs

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