Equatorial_Guinea_flag_ip Country name: Equatorial Guinea

Sub-region: Central Africa

Capital: Malabo

Equatorial Guinea is a state of Central Africa, which is divided into two parts. One being the mainland which shares borders with Cameroon and Gabon. The other being the islands with the islands of Bioko and Annobon. The capital of the country is Malabo on Bioko island. While in 2013, Equatorial Guinea was the least visited country in Africa, the country saw its tourism sector improve with the development of the largest sub saharan african project.

Currency: Central African CFA franc

Official languages, languages spoken: Spanish, French, Portuguese

Vaccinations: Yellow fever, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio

Airlines flying to the destination: Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines, Camair-Co

We tested for you  Bioko Island, the Atlantic pearl  : Located in the northwest of mainland Equatorial Guinea, the volcanic island of Bioko appears like a floating mirage, wrapped in an eternal fog. On the coast, lie vast plains and inland, the hills are covered by complex and humid equatorial forests. Malabo, the capital is an architectural jewel, with remains of Portuguese, Spanish and British colonization. Its architectural heritage is very rich.

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