dj_flag_ip Country name:  Djibouti

Sub-region: East Africa

Capital : Djibouti

Djibouti is a country in eastern Africa of approximately 23,200 km2 belonging to the Horn of Africa and located at the entrance of the Red Sea. The Republic of Djibouti is bounded on the east by the Gulf of Aden, southeast by Somalia, nestled in the south and west by Ethiopia and north by Eritrea. The country has a long coastline of 370 km, which overlooks the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. This tiny country makes up for its small size by a multitude of breathtaking geological resources. Few countries in the world offer such diversity. Djiboutian landscapes are dotted with gigantic canyons, basaltic plains through iodine lakes and extinct volcanoes as well as limestone chimneys spewing steam puffs. Let’s not forget its opening to the sea which allows to practice various water activities (kiteboarding, diving etc.) Except for Djibouti City, the country positively lacks large-scale development, making it an ideal place for ecotourism.

Currency: Franc Djibouti (DJF)

Official languages, languages spoken: French and arabic

Mandatory vaccination:

  • Mandatory: Yellow fever
  • Recommended: the Meningitis, hepatitis (A and B), tetanus, poliomyelitis, typhoid fever, rabies

Airlines flying to the destination:  Air France, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways  // (Others) KLM, Lufthansa, british Airways, scandinavian Airlines, Alitalia, Aéroflot, Emirates, Saudi Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines

Editor’s words  Djibouti, because its charms are still unknown. In particular, its stunning seabeds since the country is bordered by the Red Sea.

Quote /proverb  Before crossing the desert, even the jackal prays.

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