Nana Anokyewaa, 22, is a Nursing student who resides in Ghana. We discovered her on instagram and we thought it would be super interesting to ask her to tell us a little bit about her city, Accra. In this City Guide, Nana shares her tips on everything from Accra’s best restaurants and shops and sightseeing.


How would you describe Accra to a Capetonian?

Accra is a small place,filled with all kinds of people from different countries and ethnicities,also the Capital of Ghana. Accra is a very busy place during weekdays especially but weekends are super fun.

How do you get around the city? 

By Public Transport (Bus a.k.a ‘Trotro’) or Taxi and also with a private car sometimes

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What neighborhood do you live in?

Odokor. It’s a town in Accra. Odokor is a comfortable place that has everything you need.

What hotel do you recommend to friends from out of town?

Crown Apartamento Hotel in OSU, a district in central of the city.

And what restaurant?

Buka Restaurant (They serve both local and continental dishes), located in OSU. Yes OSU is a very popular part of Accra. Pepper snails for starters, they are the best appetizers and will whet your appetite.


What is your favorite place for…

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  • A dinner with friends : Republic Bar and Grill
  • A work meeting : Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast
  • People Watching : Afrikiko Leisure Centre
  • A Girls Night : Kona Cafe And Grill
  • Your hair done at : Queens’ Beauty Home (actually my aunt’s)
  • Nails done : Glitz Nails (the C.E.O is actually a male, he treats your nails like heaven)
  • Favorite spot for fresh juice : NyoNyo Foods by Chichi

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  • Where you shop : Arts Centre , Makola Market, Mandyz Place, Hazzaofficiale and in the Mall to mention a few
  • Coffee Fix : Second Cup
  • Best Place To Watch Sunset : Bojo Beach
  • One touristy spot you love to visit : Elmina Castle in Cape Coast (Central Region) brings a lot of memories.
  • The best movie theater : SilverBird Cinemas.

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Describe your ideal day in Accra…

My ideal day begins with me waking up at the crack of dawn,getting ready for morning class. My breakfast includes banku with okro soup( people would say its way to heavy for the start of the day bit trust me it’s a life saver). I get some fruits or fruit juices or malt to complete my morning meal after class.

After lunch, I walk up to campus, where I either prepare my class,it’s 70% lecture and 30% research so I  do library research if it’s a research day.I leave campus feeling fulfilled after I accomplish the days goals.

After class,I head for home leaving the rest of the day to be less productive unless I do have an upcoming projects. Help friend’s with their work,have lively conversations and a lone time with family especially my little cuddlebugs (sisters and yes they are triplets). 

Work on the last bits of research and assignments,I’m a big time Lauryn Hill fun so her music keeps me company in these times till I’m done. I have my private times as well.

Get tucked in bed, read blogs,listen to more of Lauryn Hill music,a little chat with my best friend. I fall asleep,relaxed  and sleep until the Creator wakes me up then  I am ready to start a new day. That’s my Ideal Day.

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