You know how much I like discovering Dakar, its new spots and how much I love eating. I am taking you to Simone’s Café today. If you are feeling nostalgic about Starbucks coffee or the tea rooms of London you will be happy to find this Brazilian restaurant with amazing service and a mind blowing environment.



Located in Mermoz, in front of IAM business school, in a very discreet house, you will receive the warmest welcome upon arrival. As you get seated and explore the menu you will get carried away by the peaceful rhythm of bossa nova. It is a good spot to have a light lunch with a quiche and salad, or just for snack time.





Let me insist by saying that the desserts at Simone café are no ordinary dessert. Every bite will carry you away. I’ve not had a proper hot chocolate in a while. You know, the kind of hot chocolate that’s so thick you’d think it’s actually Nutella? Yes, that kind. Not too strong and not too sweet, simply perfect! I must admit what really killed me softly was the chocolate and strawberry pie.





THAT…just blew me away. Watch out, the seats there are so comfy that it will be difficult to leave the restaurant. The music, the smiles, the homemade food, coming out from this location of peace was a pure torture but somehow I was ready to face day. Trust me, you need to stop by Simone café.


Simone Café Open Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm to 7pm Bon appétit!