I loved Dakar but the traffic jams…my goodness, let’s not even talk about them. After spending 5/6 days in the Senegalese capital, I needed a little change in pace, a break from the hotel/taxi/exhibition/taxi/bottling/Exhibition/hotel routine. Before opting for a weekend in Saint-Louis, I treated myself to a relaxing afternoon. Without giving it much thought, I opted for the spa in my hotel. The space is super chic and very cozy (it is aptly named). It follows the rules outlined by traditional Tibetan medicine. I’ve actually been suffering from back pain and traditional Tibetan medicine allow the treatment to go past relaxation and get to the root of the issue. I’ll obviously need more than one session but it’s a good start.

The Buddhattitude Spa has 8 treatment rooms decorated in the colors of the chakras, a mani-pedi center to cater to your hands and feet, a high-tech fitness center, 2 hydrotherapy cabins, a heated jet pool, a sauna and a steam room filled with the scent of eucalyptus. If you’re looking to extend the wellness experience, you can find the B/Attitude® product range designed to restore harmony of body and mind in stores. I also heard they offered yoga classes.


Price wise, I paid 59,500 FCFA for a scrub, steam room treatment and massage. Naturally there are cheaper offers. Feel free to check out their Facebook page (link below). The Buddhattitude Spa is located in the Sea Plaza Shopping Center. Once there, simply ask to be pointed in its direction.

Facebook page : HERE 

Have a good trip in Dakar.

Translation from french by Sally Vusi. HERE french version