Senegal is also known as the land of “Teranga”, authentic hospitality, the one country that will welcome you warmly and make you feel at home. In the country you will find two essentials at every corner: the Boutiques and the Café “pousse-pousse”.


The Boutique is our ShopRite, Walmart, Woolworths Food or Carrefour. It is the local market in the neighborhood open 24/7. Open from early hours and sometimes all through the night, the boutique is fully equipped and sometimes less expensive than the supermarkets. You will often have your boutiquier, owner of the boutique, who is not only friendly but will be your advisor if you are looking for a specific product.



The Café “pousse-pousse” are our local Starbucks. The only difference is they walk around the neighborhood to serve you. They settled after a street marketing campaign from Nescafé Senegal promoting their coffee.



While in Dakar you must try our Cafe Touba, a flavored coffee made with spices such as seeds of selim and sometimes cloves. Traditionally consumed in the holy city of Touba, it became famous in the country thanks to Islamic Mouride brotherhood, who shared the beverage during ceremonies, commemorations and during the Magal in Touba.



How easy is it to have a typical Senegalese breakfast with your “pain omelette” (bread with an omelet) from the boutique and drink your hot coffee at the Café “ pousse-pousse”.