We are back from part1 ! I’ve learned so much about the best food, best place to have a night around Africa, but I need more, how about ? we keep going on our travel here


6- Is there any common point in all these countries? If yes which one?


Yes. There are a few common points but I’ll mention here only the 2 that comes to my mind at first:


The hospitality that I have experienced in many of the countries and mostly coming from people that posses actually nothing at all but they share everything with you (I got invited to weddings and other family parties, as well as I was invited many times to eat and sleep at their local humble houses).


The mentality of many people (starting with children) that think that I’m lucky because I’m “white” (in Africa they call me white, haha) and that white people have a better life and are more beautiful. I have talked to many children on the streets, at the beaches or at the villages and they all said I’m more beautiful than they are because I’m white. But myself, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them because in my eyes they were very beautiful too. I think we all are beautiful in one way or another but unfortunately there is a long sad history behind us involving African slavery and difference of classes. Some Africans still think that they are inferior compared to the rest and that they are not beautiful people.



Engagement party in Abuja, Nigeria



Wedding party in Abuja, Nigeria


A Sunday spent at Goma, DRC at a family party


7- What the best place for having a great party?


That’s difficult to say because we all have different style of partying. I like dancing Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba more than drinking. I have danced those styles in many countries, mostly South Africa, Kenya, Benin, Côte D’Ivoire, Ghana and Senegal. But almost everywhere I went, I was out for a party. This also depends on if you meet the right people. I partied in places like Malawi, where I thought there was no place to go out. Haha! In Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and even in Burundi. I also remember a big beach party at the Bureh Beach in Sierra Leone.


I think the best place for having a great party is the one where you find good friends to party with J, which means everywhere in Africa. Haha! You can meet some friends playing drums and drinking and you can end up partying with them all night long at the beach like I did in The Gambia.


Or you can party with friends you just met few days ago and they become your family. For example the guys that guided me to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 5.895 meters of altitude in Tanzania. After 7 days hiking we were so close to each other that we decided to party on the last night to celebrate our sucess and it was a fantastic evening.


Ohhh… I also have to metion the many weddings I was invited while traveling in Africa (in Nigeria, Guinea, The Gambia, etc). Incredible parties.


There were indeed a few places where I didn’t party at all like in Guinea Conakry and in Mali but I guess they do have parties somewhere there.



Partying at a boat in South Africa during the Mzansi Cape Town Salsa Festival. Picture taken by photographer Marc Chang from Singapore



Learning how to play the drums during a party at the Sunset beach in Cape Point, Bakau, The Gambia, West Africa


8- What the best place to chill ‘in?


I enjoyed the beaches in Sierra Leone and in the east part of Kenya very much, doing nothing but chilling there.


I also had a great time driving the Garden Route in South Africa. You can take as much time as you want to drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. You can find yourself staying at beautiful guesthouses in relaxing cities, where you can even leave the doors of the house open when you go out. Tasting good wine, watching whales, walking along empty beaches waiting for the most amazing sunsets and simply enjoying life to the max.



Chilling at Bureh beach near Freetown, Sierra Leone



Relaxing at Manda island in Lamu island, Kenya



Walking and relaxing along the cliff path in Hermanus city. Garden Route, South Africa



One of the viewpoints at the Valley of Desolation in the Camdeboo National Park. Garden Route. South Africa



9- Any funny story to share?


I have many stories and I would like to write about it and share them with all of you soon. I´ll start writting about my West African solo overland trip.


I invite you to follow my trips and read those stories at:

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Crossing borders from Sierra Leone to Guinea-Conakry in West Africa. More stories about it coming soon J


10- What’s your next country and why?


I don’t plan much in advance. I know there are 20 countries in Africa that I haven’t been to and I’ll visit them for sure one day but I don’t know which one will be first. I think it will just happen.


The organizer of the Salsafari (a salsa congress followed by a safari in Nairobi, Kenya) is thinking of bringing this event again in November 2018. If he does, I’ll probably find myself on my way to Kenya for the third time in my life and I’ll probably use the opportunity to do an overland trip again and visit some neighbor countries where I haven´t been yet like Somalia and South Sudan, but let’s see.


My next trip is concentrated in the Caribbean and Central America between November 2017 and June 2018, so I won´t be back to Africa before end of 2018.


11- Something you want to add?


Yes. Thow things:


There are lot of beautiful places in Africa that are not often visited and I´m trying to show those places to the world through my instagram account and my FB pan page. I hope one day more people will visit this amazing continent and see what I´m seeing there. Then they will never want to go back „home“, haha.


There are a lot of talents in Africa that don’t have the opportunity to be discovered by the world and I’m happy that social media outlets are helping a bit more nowadays. I have met great African musicians, painters, cooks, writers, etc but as I love dancing I have to admit that I was fascinated by the African dancers. There were a few nights when I went to see local dancers/instructors teaching their classes with live music (playing drums, for example) and I loved it so much, or also teaching how to play the drums. I also have a friend in Lusaka, Zambia who is a dancer and he visits a few compounds every Sunday teaching dance to children in the community for free. I was lucky to be in Lusaka on a Sunday and I assisted him teaching as well. It was one of those days that you don’t want to see finish. I posted a few videos live on Facebook and I got many likes and many messages from many people. A few weeks later the children danced a salsa choreography at a company’s Christmas event and they sent me a picture of this night. I was so proud of them and their teacher. For the videos about dancing with the children in Zambia you can click here:





I’m very proud of all Africa and Africans


Waouhhhh I hope you enjoy as much as I did, that’s was amazing. If you have any stories to share do not hesitate we would love to published it. 

Thanks you Danay!