It’s no secret that Visiter l’Afrique is a collaborative platform. Every day, travellers publish their travel logs and locals share stories of their daily lives. Some of these locals have even become our ambassadors, always quick to let us know what’s popping and take us along with them around their villages, cities and countries. It’s about time we put them in the spotlight. Our series begins with Mickaël. We can say he is a Yoga Addict. Each month he is doing a take over of Lagos. Bar, museaum, yoga, music, vegan food, ahaha yes it’s him. He enjoy every minute of his life, let’s take a bit time with Michael Ernest.



Why do you decide to be an ambassador?


I decided to be an ambassador because I loved how the brand emphasized on travel within Africa. It was so different from the conventional travel sites. I also loved how diverse VA is and I just wanted to be a part of that.


How your friends describe you in three words?


Weird, Adventurous, and strong-willed


Which place did you discover and you don’t know before you’re a VA ambassador?


I discovered how beautiful Namibia is.


Name one of your favorite African book?


The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin


Which African country would you like to visit and why?


Morocco. The country is rich in culture and there is a lot to do and see. I love the beach and surfing; Morocco is one of top surfing destination in Africa, so yeah I would love to visit.


If you were food of your country?


Afang soup


If you were an African icon figure?


Fela Kuti!


Which city looks like you and why? (in our country)


Unfortunately, I am yet to visit a city that looks like me in my country. So I keep searching.


Which element a VA ambassador never drop?


His camera


What’s your favorite hobby and where do you practice it?


Right now it is Yoga. I practice at home and at my yoga studio


For you what’s the importance of tourism in your country?


Tourism in my country will open people’s eyes. I feel like most Nigerians don’t travel and the ones who do only travel to shop and earn bragging rights, they never really experience the places they go to, they never really soak themselves into the culture, and never really seek to explore. So first, I would like my country people to travel more and secondly to fully experience the destination they find themselves in and all of this can be achieved via tourism and facilities put in place to encourage it.


Your favorite quote?


If you want a place in the sun you have to put up with a few blisters.


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