Lagos, Nigeria. Population – 21 Million, With a population of 21 Million, Lagos has more people than Norway, Finland, Denmark and Ireland combined and you would have to multiply the land area of Lagos by over 100 to get the land area of Norway alone. That’s how small and how big Lagos is. After Part 1, let’s go on


Sunday – Yoga on the beach, Surfing, Vegan Meetup


Scene 1: Yoga on The Beach


Since I love catching the Sunrise I woke up early Sunday morning to catch the sunrise.


It is also one of the best times to meditate, so I basked in that moment right before the crew woke up and came out for a yoga session.


We had an hour long of Power Yoga on the beach. For some, it was their first ever class, for others it was different but the feel of the breeze, sand, and sound of the ocean made it all worth it.


Scene 2: Surfing


I have been surfing at Takwa for quite sometime and after yoga, I met up with my surfing instructor and attempted catching a wave. The waves were not particularly in the best of moods so I ended prematurely with a resolve to up my paddling game. lagos nigeria yoga (2)


Scene 3: Vegan Meet up


People who have chosen a plant-based diet generally have a tough time in Lagos as compared to other cities in the world. As a vegetarian it was essential I found a support group, and Lagos Vegan Meet-up is one of those forums; as a matter of fact, it is the major support system in the city.


By late afternoon I left the beach and made it quite early to the Lagos Vegan Meetup. The session had two demonstrations and we talked, laughed and took group pictures but without saying CHEESE. lagos nigeria yoga (1) lagos nigeria yoga (3) lagos nigeria yoga (6)