Djibril DRAME is a young Senegalese fine-art photographer who very early on, has been a fixture in major local productions. A neophyte in the world of photography in 2007, Djibril becomes the youngest photographer to contribute to Voix Vives publishing’s “Dakar Emoi”. Following close on the heels of this project, he joins the daily paper L’As where for a year, he hosts a photography column entitled “Une image vaut 1000 mots” (translation: A picture is worth 1000 words). In 2010, his art crosses borders: he represents Senegal in international contemporary art events namely the GRAFFRICA Festival in Las Palmas and the Tarifa City Festival (2011). Last March, his project entitled “L’espoir est Ivorien”(translation: Hope is Ivorian) was showcased at the Rozumy boutique and published by Below are some of the photographs included in this exhibition.


During my eight-day trip to the Côte d’Ivoire, the Ivorians have seduced me. My own city, Dakar, is completely different from Abidjan – in its beauty as well as in the way it runs. I love how rules are respected here. The little girls with smartly shaven-heads wearing their school uniforms; the mothers picking up their children after the school day, or those that wake up early in the morning to work hard for their family. These images tell a poetic story of the beauty of Abidjan through its youth.

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Follow the words and steps of mom

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www.visiterlafrique Abidjan Côte d'ivoire @Djibril Drame (3)

What is art

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Rainbow spirit

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Mood of Bingerville

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The Artist

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Classes from the elder

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Lonely school boy

More information about the artist:

Official photographer of Senegal’s graffiti artists, he showcased an exposition entitled “Ma Ville Colorée” (translation: My City in Colour) at Jam Down South Festival in Germany from November the 24th to the 30th in 2012 and at the Goethe Institute in Dakar from October the 23rd to November the 22nd in 2014. From November the 19th to the 29th in 2015, the same exhibition was hosted by Le Basquiat art gallery in Abidjan. It is a collection of the faces of Senegalese graffiti artists as outsiders, showcasing strong messages through pictures. “Ma Ville Colorée” will soon be making stops in Kenya and the United States. Since 2012, much like great african portraitists such as Malick Sidibé, Djibril Drame, better known by the nickname God eye (Gadaay) has been capturing portraits during Eid al-Adha and Eid-al-Fitr celebrations. This series has been published by the extremely popular magazines Afropunk and


Holding a degree in journalism and communication with a minor in public relations, Djibril lives and works in Dakar as a communicator. In his spare time, he works on his blog portal and personal art projects.


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