Yoyo Tinz is set to host their first festival in Accra, Ghana on the 19th to the 25th of November. The name “Yoyo” evolved from Ghanian slang for “hip-hop”, which is what Yoyo Tinz is all about. Developed around a love for hip-hop, Yoyo Tinz aims to document and promote the African hip-hop scene. Their mission is to show the importance and influence of hip-hop culture in education and the social sphere.


Yoyo Tinz has been in operation for the last five years; and what better way to celebrate their 5th anniversary than to host a great family friendly festival! They are no strangers to the festival scene, making appearances at Paris Hip-Hop Festival and Chale Wote, where their stand “Yoyo Tinz Shrine” was a showstopper. Just like the previous appearances, the festival is definitely going to be worthwhile.


The theme for this year is GOAT, which could be interpreted in a variety of ways. Firstly, is in reference to the famous acronym, Greatest Of All Time, which most rappers debate about. Secondly, it is to pay homage to the characteristics of a goat, specifically “determination, stubbornness and vitality”, qualities which Yoyo Tinz identifies with. Lastly, it is a play on words, as “the goat” is often a metaphor for the Ghanian political scene, “immune to criticism“, and often used to refer to bribes. Just like the theme, the festival is multilayered and caters to everyone to create a memorable experience and insight on exactly what to expect from the festival.




It will be held at the former “formula one” race course in Accra. In line with the theme, some of the prospective performances will be Blacksad, Keto, Akan, Elom 20ce and Phlow. Over the six days, some of the activities at the festival will include rap, beat-boxing and DJing performances, exhibitions, and activities for younger audiences. However, the festival is designed for 18 – 35-year-olds, living all across West Africa, younger audience aged 5 and older are welcome to attend and participate in the artistic scene.


The team is organizing the event using personal funds, partnerships, sponsorships, and crowdfunding, to want to contribute to this great cause check out their page!