Meet Sierra, visual artist and seasoned traveler. Check her work at and find out how she’s enjoying her current new home!


So tell us a bit about yourself.


I am a photographer from Sierra Leone and England who is currently living in Ghana. Growing up, I lived between Canada and parts of West Africa; Travel has always been embedded in my being.

My photography is my method of capturing the subjects’ essence, to ignite a feeling of connectivity from the viewer; to see oneself in the image. Oftentimes, our beautiful continent is misrepresented and I strive to be a part of the dialogue showcasing the authentic, beautiful, idiosyncratic and innovative African narrative. sierra 10

Where are you now and how long have you been there?


I am in Accra, Ghana. I lived here for 4 years as a child and returned after 12 years. I can now definitely consider Ghana one of my homes.


What inspired you to move to Ghana?


My friend invited me for a visit which ended up extending to now living here. Ghana is a beautiful country with a rich culture. Now that I have lived here for over 5 years on and off, some aspects I adore about Ghana is the ability to visit a new beach every weekend, the constant accessibility to delicious fresh fruits (coconut, mango, pineapple), and the calm yet prideful energy I feel here. Sierra 5

Favourite places to grab a bite? 


I am sure Chez Clarisse Mama Africa, the Ivorian restaurant in Osu has been mentioned before. It is an Accra staple and for good reason.


Kokrobite Garden is a lush oasis offering seasonally fresh options that I have never been disappointed by. Highly recommend any of their pizzas and their chocolate pancakes if you make it in time for breakfast.


Bistro 22 is where I go when I am craving continental fare. Their food isn’t fussy, everything is well done and the service is consistent. Calamari, cobb salad and mint lemonade are some favourites. Sierra 1 sierra 11

How are you finding the art and music scene?


It is ever evolving here, from more established artists to emerging creatives cultivating their unique vision. The Chale Wote festival is an annual art festival which takes place in August in Jamestown which is a great opportunity to showcase Ghana’s artistic talents to the world.


What’s the nightlife like in Accra? 


I am a fan of club hopping so that I get a nice combination of tastes and vibes in one night. To start, I may grab drinks at Front Back/The Container in Osu. From there, I may head to Warehouse for house music and dancing or Bloom Bar (The Sunday crowd is more my vibe). To cap the night off, Purple Pub is an Accra staple for their popular chicken wings as a late night snack and perfect finale. Sierra 3

Do you get to travel often? If so how?


Travel is one of my greatest loves and I take every opportunity to travel within Ghana and throughout the continent and world. Exploring new cultures feeds my creativity and keeps me connected people who come from different walks of life; One of the best forms of education.


What other african countries have you been to so far and what’s your next destination?


The African countries I have been to are Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana. Up next is Togo, and then I plan to explore Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Egypt. Sierra 9

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