We love our traveling community here at Visiter l’Afrique and love introducing you all to each other even more! Meet Latifah and experience the Accra she has come to know.


So tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re based ?


Hi, Latifah here, based in Accra. I’m a creative. Currently working on projects spanning across art, architecture, photography, graphic design and product design. I mostly draw inspiration from my environment; elements, problems, people, nature… I like to travel, explore places, especially those around me. I also like to read, watch films(I hardly get to do that now, trying to go back to it) and just burden myself with thought. Coffee is an obsession! Sometimes I bake, usually when I’m stressed. My dogs mean the world to me. I lost one of them recently, coming to terms with that.

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From conventional galleries to more experimental spaces, what are some of your venues to:


Catch an cool exhibition ? 


  • Nubuke Foundation – East Legon, Lome Close | www.nubukefoundation.org
  • Ano GH – 1 Lokko road | anoghana.org
  • Gallery 1957 – Kempinski hotel



Listen to live music ?


  • Accradotalt – Jamestown | accradotaltradio.com
  • Lokko Warehouse/ Ano (they throw concerts sometimes)
  • Serallio (underground (well not always) artists (sunday evening)


All these places are also great to meet and interact with other artists as well as attend artist talks, meet ups and other types of recurrring events.

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How has your own work changed the way you interact with your city?


Photography gives me the courage to see the explore the essence of things I’m surrounded by, whether they’re animate or not. It makes me pursue whatever I’m interested in, wherever. I’m always looking for something. I love to explore things like form and texture, light and shadow and the spaces that present that.


Also, I like verdant spaces, since accra started beheading most of its flora I try to stay home as much as I can or go to spaces which present a similar character.

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Recently, my art has been moving in an environmental direction. It makes me very conscious about the effect of our actions on the environment. I’m trying to explore things like psychology, history, and culture, aspirations and tying that with Ghanaian attitude towards waste management (especially plastic).


Though i’m in love with accra, I think this project depresses me a bit. We’re killing our environment and not even concerned about the implications. On the earth, on us. Its heartbreaking. Somehow I’m trying to capture the things that inspire me here as much as I can, I’m trying to record, so we have memories at least; what happens if we succeed in ruining it all.


What festivals in Accra and around the continent do you hope to attend soon?


I’m more into just exploring places, spaces, usually don’t plan according to events but I’m looking forward to the Sabolai Music Festival in December. I will be in Tangiers in December/January so I guess I’ll be looking forward to whatever will be happening there at that time.

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