I went to Ghana for the first time ever exactly one year ago. I can recall the feeling of stepping out of the airplane as if it was yesterday. I miss Ghana, the heat, my family and newly made friends, the food and the positiv energy people give you. A small recap of my experience in Ghana;


I’ve been curious about the castles and stories about slavery my whole life. Visiting Elmia Castle gave me a lot of answers, with a brutal confronting past. Our guide even made us stand in the dark, small and smelly cells, there where no windows. The cells and the castle have been through so much. As horrific these events have been, that took place years ago, the view is unbelievably beautiful.This trip to Cape Coast was beautiful, there is much to see when you’re on the road. Watching people selling their stuff on the side of the road, seeing the thro thro’s full of people, enjoying the sun on my face through the window and a lot more.


The Makola Market is located in the centre of Accra. Makola market is reachable with the car, it has a big parking garage with multiple floors. But there are also going a lot of taxi’s and buses to the marktet. What I liked about this market, its open every day of the week. It is a well known place in Accra. I was eager to get some wax and kente fabrics. Therefore we went to the Makola Market, their was so much more than just fabrics. Woman traders are selling all sorts of food products, fresh vegetables, spices, clothes, shoes, accessories, handmade jewellery, pots, pans, you name it. I didn’t know where to look, there was so much to seeI fell in love with everything this market had to offer. With the people, the little children helping their parents, the babies on the back of their strong mothers with big buckets on their heads, furthermore I fell in love with the selling goods, and the atmosphere of the whole market. Makola Market is a place I would definitely would recommend to visit.


If you want a royal treatment you should definitely visit the Labadi Beach Hotel. It is a hotel were you can also chill aside the pool, without being an actual guest at the hotel. So if you’re not staying there, you can visit the poolside, and get some cocktails, jollof  and good vibes. There is an option to go to the Labadi Beach, which is next to the Hotel. But if you want to chill in peace, and don’t want to get bothered by the sellers on the beach, you can go to the private labadi beach section. The entrance for Labadi Beach hotel (exclusive hotel stay) is around 50 GH.


In addition to the royal and private feeling, there is also a smaller part of the beach I discovered by my cousin who lives there. She prefers this beach because it’s not as touristic as Bojo Beach. But still gives you an exclusive feeling. And I can see why, there are more locals, and lots of creative people, they jam together with their guitars. And nobody is trying to sell you things. There is plenty of music and food to choose from, people are very polite and helpfull. This beach is for free to enter and the food and drink prices are way cheaper than at the Bojo Beach and Labadi Hotel. So thats also good to know. It has a really positiv vibe, which I love.

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