I’m going to come clean and admit that I had never thought of travelling to Burkina Faso before. Other than general knowledge about the West African country, I had no information about the attractions around Burkina Faso. Just like I was convinced that Burkina Faso should be on my travel wishlist, hopefully, this will convince you too.


Let’s start at the obvious place, the history. Burkina Faso was previously colonized by the French and was previously known as Upper Volta. After independence, it became Burkina Faso (The land of honourable people), and Burkinabes embody this title with pride as they are known to be the most honest people in Africa. Ouagadougou is the capital city, the name translates to “you are welcome here at home with us” in Moore, one of the 60 dialects of Burkina. Burkina is known for its craft market, the largest in Africa, and its exports gold and cotton.


As welcoming as Burkinabes are, it takes substantial effort to find out about tourist attractions. Most of the publicity comes from first-hand accounts of travels to various parts of Burkina Faso. The most popular destination being Banfora city in Comoe Province. Banfora is the hub for popular destinations such as Domes de Fabedougou, Cascades de Karfiguela and Sindou Peaks. A 3-4 days trip to Banfora is advised to enjoy all the various locations.



Cascades de Karifuguela


You’ll find these waterfalls along the Komoe River, about 12 km from Banfora. It’s not a seasonal waterfall I’d recommend visiting around June to September. It’s surrounded by fruitful mango trees, and sugar cane fields, ideal for a hike or a nice walk, as the falls can only be accessed on foot. Depending on when you visit the falls, it can be a secluded picnic spot or natural swimming pool.


Domes de Fabedougou


These undisturbed limestone mounds date back to 1.8 billion years ago. The sight is ideal for an early morning hike, workout or hide ‘n’ seek, as people are allowed to climb the mounds. Not too far from the falls, a trip to the domes and falls can be done on the same day if planned right.


Sindou Peaks


50 km from Banfora, accommodation is available in Sindou if you plan to stay longer. Beautiful at any time, they are a sight for sore eyes. The peaks were previously underwater, and shaped by erosion over time. Just like the mounds, it’s ideal for hiking. To tour the peaks, a guide is required but most can be found at the entrance at an affordable price.


There are various places to stay in Banfora such as the l’Hotel Canne a Sucre, however, camping is a preferred experience for most tourists around Burkina Faso. Also, it is easier and more exciting to get around using a moped or a bike, especially to the remote regions to discover hidden gems around Banfora.