Akwaaba (welcome) readers! This is how guests in the Twi language in Ghana are welcomed.  Let’s introduce you Teddy Kwame Agyei Asabre Dumfeh, 28 years and from The Netherlands. Born in Europe, but his heritage is in Ghana.


Could you introduce yourself?

I must say that travelling is one of my biggest passions. I love to travel as much as I can. After my graduation in Banking/Insurances in Utrecht (The Netherlands), I had the opportunity to work at the ABN AMRO Bank for four years, where I had been an intern. When I decided to quit my job, I made a commitment to myself to at least do some travelling before getting back to the 9-5 jobs! So I booked a two-month ticket to South East Asia, where I had the opportunity to meet new people, experience new cultures, new environments and even get lost at unfamiliar places. This was my best experience ever!


After my first adventurous trip, I came back home and returned to school. Currently, I am studying Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Even though my study consumes much of my time, I still make the necessary effort to find space in my schedule to further explore the world. I guess I have to admit that I have been hit by the travel bug. As of now, I have been to the following countries/cities: Ghana, Thailand, Morocco, Shanghai London, Paris, Jamaica, Lisbon, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Laos, Beijing, Cambodia, Antwerp, Curacao (Dutch Caribbean), Milan among others. I hope to add to the number as time goes by.

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Though all these beautiful countries and cities have their unique cultures and stories to tell, I’ll definitely say that the best one is Ghana, my beloved country! Besides travelling, I am a book lover and I also like capturing and immortalising great moments on camera.


How would you describe Accra to someone who has never been there?

Accra is a beautiful place filled with people from diverse backgrounds. It is also very busy with a lot of traffic jams due to its growing population. Some parts of the capital are noisy and it is hot during the summer, that is, the dry season.


What do you love most about it?

The diversity! In Accra you can find a lot of Ghanaians from different provinces and tribes who are in the city to earn money to provide for their families.


How do you get around the city?
Taking a taxi.

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Any secrets to navigating the Accra streets?
Not really. The navigation system in Accra works excellent. I say this because I have experienced it. However, when you think you are lost or you can not find your way just approach anyone on the streets, tell them where you want to go and they will help you. If they can not do so themselves, they will ask someone who knows to direct you.


The best times to discover Accra and why?
I would advice that one travels to Ghana during the rainy season. The weather is breezy and cool at that time.


What hotel do you recommend to visiting friends?
The luxury five-star Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City Accra. This Hotel is not only beautiful and breathtaking from the inside and outside, but you are also assured of the best services you will never forget as soon as you step foot in there.

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

What is one restaurant you must eat at while in Accra?
Accra’s most glamorous dining restaurant, Urban Grill, at the Airport City, Accra.


Where can we eat the best Jollof rice in town?
Starbites Food and Drinks, East Legon, Accra.


Where do you like to go out with friends?
Republic Bar & Grill! This is a small but cosy bar in Osu, Accra, where they play album covers. The audience is very mixed with foreigners and local people. And the ambiance is excellent.

Hotwings with fries at Coco Lounge

Hotwings with fries at Coco Lounge

Where do you go to get in a good work out?
Branch Health & Fitness.


What are some of your favourite places in the city to relax?
Coco lounge, The Cupcake Boutique and La Villa Boutique Hotel.

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Any tips for getting the true local experience?
Get on a trotro (mini bus) and go to the Makola market in Accra to do your grocery shopping or just have a look at the hustle and bustle of people finding their way in the Makola market. When you get a little bit tired and hungry, take a short break and have lunch at a “chop bar” where they sell only Ghanaian dishes like fufu, rice balls with peanut butter soup, banku with okra stew etc. Tip: forget the spoon and eat with your right hand.


What is Accra most famous for?
The Independence Arch and the Black Star soccer team.

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What is one souvenir to bring back from Accra?
A hand-woven kente muffler scarf or handmade carvings.


Describe your ideal day in Accra?
I start by hitting the streets of Accra early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. When I reach my destination, I take my Nikon D2500 camera and start looking around for moments I can capture. After taking pictures I go to any place just to have a drink or lunch and walk around to know the area. Afterwards, I go home, take a shower and get ready for dinner in the city of Accra…


Instagram: Kwamebornonsaterday (yes, not Saturday!)
Facebook: Teddy Agyei Asabre Dumfeh

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Lights of Coco Lounge

Lights of Coco Lounge