Be sure to note down these 2 spots if you’re an art junkie just like me.


Located in Bonandjo, Douala’s historic city centre, Doual’art is a contemporary art hub and an incubator for new urban initiatives in African cities. The 300 m² space hosts 7 exhibits per year. It includes a documentation center open to the public and two meeting rooms for hosting seminars, public readings and workshops for art professionals. It’s garden-terrace cafeteria is perfect for meet-ups, one of my favorite places to have drinks and catch up with friends. Its artistic policy is geared towards providing support for artists who, through their research and work, taken an interest in urban issues.


I discovered Cameroonian artist Hako Hankson who later became a brother and dear friend here. His work moved me beyond words. Check out his exhibition HERE.


Currently on display is “A Fleur de peau”, an exhibition by Jean David Nkot. This is his first solo exhibition and deals governments and the international communities’ violence and indifference towards the plight of its victims. His artistic direction revolves around themes such as emancipation, immigration, peace and memory. It really made me reconsider the relationship we have with the world around us and current affairs. As this artist puts: "If people were sensible, things would be different." The exhibition includes of 21 drawings and 19 paintings.

Address: Place du Gouvernement, Bonanjo Douala

Galerie MAM

This is probable where I spend most of my time in all of Douala. I love everything about this space from its architecture to its events and art selection. Galerie MAM space was conceived as an art gallery covering ​​230 m² with a 6m high ceiling. It was created with the intention of taking a significant role in the promotion of visual and contemporary art creation in Africa. The gallery celebrated its 21 st anniversary last December.


Currently on display that the MAM are the works of Joel Mpah-Dooh, a Cameroonian artist I’m very fond of. I have two of his paintings at home. He works on paper, canvas, corrugated iron and most recently perspex, mixing earth, colors, clay, packaging, wood and chalk inscriptions and scratching. Joël MPAH-DOOH explores the fragility of individual human identity and how it reinvents itself while moving and evolving in the city. Check out his work HERE.


Address: Tobie Kuoh Road – Quartier Bonanjo Enjoy your stay in Cameroon!

Translation from french by Sally Vusi. HERE french version