There are various ways of getting to Harare, by air, road, or rail.
When jetting in from abroad and heading to Harare you will land at Harare International Airport. This airport has one of the longest runways in Africa. Air Zimbabwe the national airline has its head office located at the airport. Airlines that operate and use the airport are as follows Air Botswana flying to and from Gaborone Botswana. Air Namibia flying to and from Lusaka and Windhoek.

Air Zimbabwe flying to and from Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls and Kariba. Airlink and British Airwasys operated by Comair flying to Johannesburg. Egypt Air flying to and from Cairo. Emirates to Dubai via Lusaka. Ethiopian Airlines to Addis Ababa via Lusaka. Kenya Airways to Nairobi via Lusaka. LAM Mozambique Airlines to and from Maputo and Beira. Malawian Airlines to and from Lilongwe and Blantyre. South African Airways to and from Johannesburg. TAAG Angola Airlines to and from Luanda. There are two low budget airlines with cheap flights now operating in Zimbabwe, Fastjet and Fly Africa. Fastjet flies to and from Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg and Victoria Falls. Fly Africa flies to and from Johannesburg, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

A taxi from the airport to the CBD should cost you around $25.
visiter-lafrique-zimbabwe-transport-(2)_72dpi_1280pxWhen it comes to using coaches for road travel one goes to Road Port Terminal. It is situated on the outskirts of the CBD and it caters for buses that operate to the neighbour countries and beyond such as South Africa – Johannesburg, Botswana – Francis Town and Gaborone, Zambia – Lusaka, Malawi – Blantyre and Tanzania – Dar es Salaam. The terminal is usually packed with buses going to South Africa with prices ranging from $30 to $65 depending on the coaches. A trip to Lusaka Zambia will see you part with $20.

To travel cheaply to other domestic towns, cities, growth points or remote villages you can go to Mbare Musika and board a combi or a bus to various destinations around Zimbabwe. This form of public transport is the economy of public transport otherwise one can engage the services of local luxury coaches and there are various companies that service various routes across the country. Pathfinder and City Link are some of the companies that offer the luxury coach service vying roots as far as Victoria Falls.visiter-lafrique-zimbabwe-transport-(4)_72dpi_900pxThere is a range of varieties to choose from when wanting to travel around Harare. One can rent a vehicle form various car hire establishments including international ones such as Avis and Eurocar Hire which also have branches at the airport. Other car hires can be found around Harare and especially at major hotels. Major road regulations are as follows, speed limits are 120km/h on the highway and 60-80 km/h on other roads and 40km/h within national parks. Vehicles are driven on the left side of the road and 99% of them are right hand drive. Putting on your seat belt is mandatory.visiter-lafrique-zimbabwe-transport-(5)_72dpi_900pxTaxi services are available in the city with most local hotels having resident taxis at there hotels. Around town there are various taxis owned by individuals and you can negotiate your way around Harare for the day for around $50.The other way of getting by is the combi (the minibus). The general price for a trip from the CBD to various destinations within Harare is 50C and vice versa. There are various locations for stations for different destinations allocated around the CBD. So one should ask which station has the combi that gets you to your destination. If you are at one station in the CBD and want to go to another station in the CBD It will cost you between 30c and 50c. Kombi operators do not work with timetables and will mostly depart when it is full to capacity.visiter-lafrique-zimbabwe-transport-(6)_72dpi_900pxThe Harare Train Station is situated in the CBD. The train travels to various destinations around the country offering economy, sleeper and first class services. The services are run by The National Railways Of Zimbabwe.
Enjoy your travelling around Harare and Zimbabwe.