Lusaka can only be defined as a breath of fresh air, with lush green spaces which surround the city for as far as the eye can see. Thriving ecosystems and conservation measures allow you to have an intimate interaction with wildlife and Zambian culture. My weekend in Lusaka was nothing short of magical. Here is my guide to Lusaka and its environs in a weekend.




To kick off the weekend, I enjoyed dinner at Horse Shoe Steakhouse. Previously polo grounds, the restaurant has ample space and grounds, gorgeous décor which complement the ambience and somehow make everything taste a thousand times better. The Steakhouse offers some of the bests steaks which Zambia, and Southern African countries are famous for. Sadly, it was an early night as the next day’s plan required plenty of sleep. Steph 3



Next stop, Chaminuka lodge. Approximately hour’s drive from the capital, the lodge allows for an intimate interaction with Zambia’s wildlife. Chaminuka lodge is well- known for its cheetahs, which you can pet and walk alongside. In addition, the lodge is surrounded by villages and wildlife, and is an exemplar of ecotourism. After enjoying a tour of the lodge, I was treated to a game drive where I came face to face with some of Zambia’s wildlife; my memorable moment will always be the elephant and her calf by a waterfront. To say I was excited was an understatement. Like all good things, my time at the lodge came to an end. It was back to the city for the night. Steph 2

Sunday 20th April


A tour of the downtown Lusaka, highlight some of the city’s history. Like a blast from the past, Lusaka could be likened to other African counterparts such as Nairobi in the 70s and modern-day Kisumu, Kenya. A quick stop at a local artisan’s market at the Arcade Shopping Mall, displayed Zambia’s vibrant and expressive culture, evident in some of the artefacts on sale. Popular items often featured wildlife, and bright coloured fabrics.


The afternoon took a turn as I headed out of town for another adventure. Chisamba lodge was perfect for afternoon tea. The lodge’s rooms overlook a spectacular view of endless sky and savannah, home to some of the antelope species which roam freely across the lodge. Not too far off you can hear growling and roaring in the distance, belonging to a couple lions cared for by the lodge. A ten-minute walk towards the lions, and another of the lodge’s secrets is revealed. A lookout point where you can take in the lodge in all its glory, especially at dusk, worth the hour’s drive. Steph 6



To windup the trip, and reflect on all the wonderful gems discovered over the weekend, I savoured brunch at Sugarbush Café. On the outskirts of the capital, the drive to Sugarbush was a snippet of Zambia’s greenery which mirrored all the spectacular views I had visited. The café also doubles as a ranch, and shop with small trinkets and crafts. The food was filling and had me planning my next trip to Zambia. Cannot wait to see what Zambia has in store for my next trip.


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