The South African summertime is upon us again! With it comes endless opportunities to explore and take advantage of all the outdoor experiences. One of any wine lovers bucket list should be a day trip to Stellenbosch, and here is why.


Located 50 kilometers from Cape Town, Stellenbosch is one of South Africa’s oldest towns. At the foot of the Cape Fold mountain range, the Stellenbosch region is a sight to be reckoned with. Stellenbosch is Afrikaans, meaning “Stel’s Bush“, after the area’s first colonial governor. It was once home to Dutch settlers, and their influence is still visible in the architecture. Stellenbosch could be described as a university town, as it is home to Stellenbosch University. However, Stellenbosch’s most defining feature is the various vineyards found in this area of South Africa.


Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl Valley merge to form the Cape Winelands. Nonetheless, Stellenbosch accounts for the majority of South Africa’s wine production. The climate provides the favorable conditions for viticulture and the “Pinotage grape” which is indigenous to South Africa. Depending on your wine tastes, each farm across Stellenbosch offers a different experience. With over 100 wine farms and cellars, one is spoilt for choice.


Here are our top vineyards:

Boschendal which offers a day package of wine tasting, vineyard and cellar tours. The scenery from Boschendal are spectacular and definitely Instagram worthy in the summer, whilst you enjoy the botanical garden and picnic areas on site.


Welmoed Farm offers different packages depending on your interests. Home to the well-known wine producer, Stellenbosch Vineyards, this experience is more for the wine sommelier. Stellenbosch Vineyards host different events through the year, including wine pairing classes for when you wanted to blow your guests away.


LovanE Boutique Wine Estate is for that Italian experience on a budget. LovanE is known for their award-winning handcrafted wines, from the picking to the labeling, all the production is done on site and open to the public if you ever wanted to be a seasonal picker.


Stellenbosch has so much to offer, be sure to do some research beforehand about your preferred wine tastes and which farms offer them. More so, if you are planning to stay overnight, you can treat yourself to some hiking and biking across the surrounding mountain ranges. Stellenbosch is definitely one of the top destinations to visit this summer!


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