t’s no secret that Visiter l’Afrique is a collaborative platform. Every day, travellers publish their travel logs and locals share stories of their daily lives. Some of these locals have even become our ambassadors, always quick to let us know what’s popping and take us along with them around their villages, cities and countries. It’s about time we put them in the spotlight. Johanesburg is her homeland, let’s discover a bit more about Wendy. She is so funny, she like to help people whenever she can, espacially helping children in education. She loves her country and travel as much as she can. 


Why do you decide to be an ambassador?


I believe strongly in Visiter l’Afrique’s mission to overcome misconceptions about Africa. As a South African traveling the world I have encountered more stereotypes and examples of ignorance about the continent than I can even remember! But the truth is that we are an incredibly diverse, colourful, talented, industrious and innovative group of communities and there is so much to be discovered here. I want to be a part of unveiling the real Africa and, in doing so, empowering Africans to engage fully and productively with the rest of the world.


How your friends describe you in three words?


Opinionated, uncoordinated, but principled.


Which place did you discover and you don’t know before you’re a VA ambassador?


I discovered there are a lot more markets in Joburg than I realized! Just when I thought I knew them all, a new one would pop up…


Name one of your favorite African book?


The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay


Which African country would you like to visit and why?


Madagascar! It has the most amazing wildlife and plant life in the world and an incredibly interesting history.


If you were food of your country?


Biltong. Absolutely.


If you were an African icon figure?


I’m a big fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She speaks eloquently and powerfully about important issues that others are afraid to address head on (as well as being a beautiful writer).


Which city looks like you and why? 


Johannesburg, of course. It’s slightly restrained, unkempt but interesting when you take the time to dig in.


Which element a VA ambassador never drop?


Of course the camera


What’s your favorite hobby and where do you practice it?


Yoga. I practice it everywhere: at home in my garden, in a hotel room when I’m traveling, in the park on a weekend, anywhere there’s space for a bath towel, really.


For you what’s the importance of tourism in your country?


Tourism is vital to our country’s economy, but it’s also a lot more than that to our society. We pride ourselves on being a place tourists will fall in love with, and they always do. We know that our strength is in our diversity, so we love to have people from every corner of the world contributing to that (even if the politicians don’t always agree).


Your favorite quote?


“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion.” – Nelson Mandela


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