We all know it: The Garden Route is a magic way to experience the Western Cape.

But what you need to know: Route 62 is a spectacular alternative. Less crowded, adventurous and at least as fabulous. It will lead you through the winelands up to the Little Karoo. It winds through marvellous mountains and over windy, breath-taking passes. And the perfect place for a stop-over is the dreamy little town Montagu.


3 phantastic things that will prolong your stay at the not-at-all-sleepy town Montagu:


1. Walk your miles


Prepare your hiking shoes! There are plenty of trails starting at Montagu, and each leads you through a magnificent landscape. The romantic Lover’s Walk trail is a short walk for relaxation in between your long road trip. By walking on, it leads you to the relaxing hot springs, I will tell you soon more about.
If you are up to a longer hiking tour, check out the Bloupunt Trail. The waterfalls are worth a visit, so walk on, even if you don’t want to hike the mountains all up. You will finally land in a small cave hosting the last waterfall and hundreds of bats. A magic moment that rewards the hike!

Special hint: The map “Hiking Trail” is available at the tourist information or at your favourite place to stay.


2. Wine, wineries, vineyards

You are in the winelands! At the longest wine road worldwide. So you got to visit some vineyards nearby – Robertson is a hot hint. But don’t drink and drive! In that case Montagu offers nice restaurants where you can get excellent wine from the region. While enjoying your glass, you can watch the grapes grow in the vineyards nearby.

Special hint: For dinner reserve a table in advance! Trust me: If you are hungry and on the search, it is not much fun. Often everything is fully booked at Montagu!

Route 62 - Visiterlafrique - South Africa 1

3. Live into the day

Relax and take at least one day off the road. It is a romantic town and often chosen for honeymoons. So treat yourself as if on honeymoon: Stroll through Montagu’s picturesque streets. Visit the small lake for bird watching. If you stay on a Saturday, the farmers market offers you excellent and cheap regional specialities. You can fill up your travel bags with snacks or directly enjoy.

Special hint: Don’t miss the hot springs (Montagu Springs Resort), to give you the treatment, you deserve in between. After your stay, drive up the adventurous and famous Swartberg Pass to visit another dreamy town next to the desert: Prince Albert.

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