It doesn’t matter if you hit Route 62 or the Garden Route: Oudtshoorn, the capital of ostrich farming, is worth a visit. There are at least 3 marvellous things to do in and around Oudtshoorn. Combined with a trip up the Swartberg Pass you can stuff your day with adventurous experiences.


  • Meet the ostriches

Alright, there is no chance to not meet ostriches when you are at Oudtshoorn. But there are different ways to experience the: First of all, you will see the ostrich farms, when you drive up to the town. But that is not what I mean.


Get closer and visit an ostrich farm to learn more about the bird’s lifestyle, personality and behaviour: How they attract a partner by intense dancing moving patterns. Why they eat stones and small materials. Or how their fighting skills work, that I would rather compare with Kung Fu. Sometimes you get the chance to even pet or feed an ostrich. Some farms offer ostrich runs, but in terms of animal welfare I would disadvise to try it.


Another possibility to experience an ostrich, is by eating it. In nearly each restaurant you can get ostrich steaks or burgers. The meat is low-fat and extremely delicious.


Special hint: Ask at the reception of your hotel if they can recommend a certain restaurant. Sometimes they have a cooperation and you get a discount when dining there.


  • Cool down

the waterfall Near Oudtshoorn you will find the wonderful waterfall Rust-en-Vrede. It is hidden and you have to take a small hike to get there, that’s why you might have it all alone for you. The way winds through a small mysterious-looking forest. When finally the view on the waterfall opens, you feel like in paradise. Take your time to enjoy nature’s beauty.


Special hint: Take your bath suite with you and cool down in the pool. In natures interest don’t use sunscreen before.


  • Get into the dark: Cango Caves


When you drive up the road to the Swartberg Pass, you will meet the Cango Caves. Don’t miss the opportunity to go inside. Older travelguide books may tell you that the lights are disco-like, colourful and anti-atmospheric. But recently the lights have been changed. Now they are smooth and bring out the natural beauty. And it is breath-taking! The caves are huge, with stalactites and stalagmites big like a house.


Special hint: If you have time for up to 2 hours and looking for adrenaline, try the adventure tour. If you are claustrophobic, better let it be. You get to the beautiful parts non the less.


If you have your own vehicle, don’t miss the opportunity to go further to Prince Albert. The way rewards you with scenic landscape and adventure experiences. Read more in my next article.