Welcome to Xwama traditional restaurant. This cultural experience has been open since 2007 and features  Namibian traditional meals such as the yummy dish pictured below. The dish consists of ‘Matangara’ (tripe – a type of edible lining from the stomachs of certain farm animals such as cows and sheep) and spinach.
This meal is eaten with pap (maize meal – which is a staple food in Namibia). Xwama also offers NAMIBIAN desserts such as Namibian style homemade bread rolls prepared on coals! Xwama also serves the popular ‘Oshikundu’, which is a traditional Namibian drink made from fermented millet. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties exist.
An interesting fact is that Xwama also serves Jollof rice! Other extras include Greek salad and steamed vegetables. Another thing to note is that Xwama is very affordable, there is not a single dish on the menu that exceeds N$ 150 = U$ 11
Xwama is a restaurant that not only places emphasis on tradition within the meals but also within the environment. At Xwama, one can see that every detail is of the character of Namibia, and thus, Africa.
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Address: Corner of Independence Avenue and Omongo street, Windhoek, Namibia.