For my first article as the Namibian brand ambassador of Visiter L’Afrique, I thought I would share 1 of my favourite places to visit in Windhoek with you. I am always amused each time I head over to the Old Breweries complex here in Windhoek. It is basically a courtyard/complex featuring various stores. namibia lorna (1) namibia lorna (6)


At this complex, you find a café, a restaurant, a music instruments store, hair salon, a sports clothing store, 2 bars, a diamond store and many craft stores. There is even a book exchange store right opposite the complex. namibia lorna (4) namibia lorna (8) namibia lorna (3)



The complex is situated in the centre of town, in Tal Street and is amazing! I will take you on a bit of a tour through the images I took which all say a thousand words. Although there are many stores as I stated prior, my main focus for this article is on craft and uniqueness. I only pictured 3 stores & 1 bar. The craft stores are all filled with inspiration and tell a very vivid story of Namibia, all with different & unique perceptions f Namibia; these craftsmen portray Windhoek in its most raw form. namibia lorna (10) namibia lorna (2)


The craft stores include leatherwork, basketry, pottery, jewelry and African (predominantly Namibian) handicraft. Most pieces found in the craft stores are highly influenced by wildlife as Namibia is known for its wildlife & the protection and preservation of it thereof. The Old Breweries complex is an absolute playground for tourists!

If you are ever in Windhoek, this is a MUST SEE. The prices are very reasonable & you would most probably find yourself a souvenir that will last you an entire lifetime. namibia lorna (5)



About the stores:

Ethnic Africa is the very first store you find when you enter the complex. It is a small store with SO many meaningful and valuable pieces, ranging from bags to earrings to the Namibian flag.

Namcrafts is the largest craft store in the area and has a wide variety to offer, ranging from Namibian post cards to craft pieces to dresses & hats.

Gilemma captures the essence of Namibia so well. Every piece in this store has a story behind it which comes across by simply looking around. It is also one of the few stores that include pieces of Namibian culture/traditional/heritage.

Chopsi’s Bar is probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to! The inside is so magical and is European-inspired with hints of Africa everywhere.

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