A country inside a country. No oceans. No seas. No coast line. The only country in the world that lies at an altitude of 1000m. Can you guess which country I am talking about? If you’re thinking Lesotho then you’re correct!

Lesotho - Visiter L'Afrique


I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know about this country until recently when searching for interesting places to go hiking in Africa. Lesotho popped up in this search given its amazing landscape. Aside from the wildlife and the great number of mountains, what struck me the most about Lesotho was its location. Landlocked, no sea and high altitude.


Once known as Basutoland, Lesotho (meaning “the land where people speak Sesotho) is a country inside of South Africa. It was declared independent from the rule of the United Kingdom in 1966. It is also famous for its highland water project and diamond mining.


Lesotho - Visiter L'Afrique

Accessible mainly from South Africa, Lesotho has all the qualities for perfect hiking trips.


My main goal visiting this country is hiking, to be able to enjoy its rich landscapes to the fullest.


Maletsunyane Waterfall

Maletsunyane Falls - Lesotho - Visiter L'Afrique

A heavenly fall 192m high, one of the highest single drop waterfall in the world. Legends says that the echo the plunging water emits comes from the wailing of the people who drowned in those waters.


Ski Resorts


Lesotho is famous for its skiing resort. The highlands expect snow falls from May to September. The high peaks might have snow all year long. I am not a big fan of snow and skiing, yet I wouldn’t mind a trip to enjoy the sights.


Horseman- Lesotho - Visiter L'Afrique


My travel motto is do what the locals do. Most locals use horses and mules as means of transportation, wrap themselves either colorful blankets called “Basotho”, and wear straw hats that go by the name of “Mokorotlo”. I can already see myself clothed similarly and galloping.


The most popular food and beverage are Pap-pap and locally brewed beer. Don’t miss the chance to break you own record: Drinking a cold bevarage in the highest pub in Africa at Sanni Mountain Lodge.


Speaking Sesotho or some Setswana would surely come handy, but English is also spoken in the country.


Tsamaya hantle!