Located in the Eastern Highlands is a scenically diverse area known as Nyanga. The African name, Nyanga, means the Shaman’s horn and it is as mysterious and intriguing as the name implies. Regarded by Hararians as the perfect weekend getaway, it’s only a 3 – 4 hour drive from the capital.


There are a wide array of adventures and activities in Nyanga to keep you on your toes. Mount Nyangani, which is flat topped and at 2593 metres is the highest mountain in the country, will, depending on your fitness level, give you a one to three hour hike to the summit. The mountain has earned an eerie reputation due to its habit of consuming unprepared climbers. However, to avoid any misfortune, follow the local rules by hiring a guide and setting out as early as possible to avoid bad weather.

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Mtarazi Falls, located inside the Nyanga National Park, are the highest waterfalls in Zimbabwe. The surrounding area vaunts beautiful hiking trails and rivers to dip in. Due to the cold temperatures of the higher altitude, it is one of the few places you can swim without fear of crocodiles lurking in the water. The area is completely undeveloped. The only access is a steep rocky road, but in a 4×4 is entirely reachable with views that are more than worth the effort.

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World’s view can be found 12 kilometres up the meandering road from Troutbeck Hotel. It gives a breathtaking view across Northern Zimbabwe. The best time to go is dusk.

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Other attractions are Nyangombe Pools, Lake Connemara, Pungwe Drift, Rhodes Museum and worth trying and rating the scones available at Pine Tree Inn, Troutbeck Hotel, Inn on the Ruparara and Nyamoro Dairy.

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