Hi guys, I’m Tuwilika Shaimemanya of theeartsytype an architecture student living in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m originally from Windhoek, Namibia and I’ve recently moved to Cape Town and adopted the habit of documenting my travels and discoveries in this vibrant city, unique to our part in Africa. I hope to show you the magic of Cape Town, which surpasses the perception of Africa as a homogenous continent, while simultaneously telling a compelling story to encourage travel to other African cities. Lets get started!

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Things to do
  • Watch the Sunset on Signal Hill

For those of you that prefer to hike to the summit in the comfort of their car, this is the ideal sunset and drive and what better way to watch the sun go down over Cape Town- your picnic basket packed, your favourite drink in your hand, a slice of lemon, some snacks and arguably the best views of Cape Town stretched out before you. Besides the delightful environment, the hikers and loungers are the friendliest and bubbliest people you’ll meet.

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  • Kirstenbosch gardens: Visit the gardens

The Kirstenbosch gardens which stretch across the landscape of the eastern slopes of Cape Town are extremely beautiful. The site has a sort of mythical quality which offers a range of themed gardens and flora, diverse in their own right. Consequently, extending in space through opportunities for admiration, meditation or relaxation.

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  • Muizenberg beach

I love going to Muizenberg beach. There’s just something about watching the waves hit the shore as you look out to the dramatic landscape of colourful Victorian bathing boxes which run across the beach that give you a sense of stepping back in time. The beach is eco-conscious, completely safe and the ultimate destination for the beach-going crowd.

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Places to eat and drink
  • Dine at Tashas café

Tashas is a lifestyle boutique café at the waterfront that offers delicious meals, delivered in an equally harmonising environment. The interior of the space challenges conventional ideas about daytime eating, with its innovative and contemporary style. With the exception of affordable prices and great service, the interactive space peaks during sundowners as conversation and excitement fill the air.

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Where to shop
  • Shop at vintage stores in Obz

If you’re looking for a bargain and want to be trendy or comfortable, observatory is the place to shop. The main street oozes with multiple vintage stores. You’ll find a treasure of unique, nostalgic finds from denim jackets and belts, to African prints and leather handbags which are strictly in good condition. You may even find rare classic items that as the pay-off line claims, “things you wish your mother had kept for you.” Even more, it doesn’t hurt to shop as you admire the colourful facades along the street.

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Where to stay
  • Spend the weekend in Hout bay

Take some time to reflect on the harbour of the Cape Peninsula. Its an easy drive from Cape Town and well known for its scenic views and fishing prowess. The bay is filled with many stalls selling delicious food to locally made items. Visit the market on Friday 5-9pm or 9.30-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. While you’re at it indulge in the freshest seafood, and enjoy kayaking, jet skiing or mountain biking in the Hout bay area.


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