Mokoro Ride in Okavango Delta

The Mokoro is a common type of canoe used to get around in the shallow waters of the Okavango Delta. The oarsman stands in the stern and pushes it with the pole. Traditionally Mokoros are made from dug out trunks of a large straight trees, like ebony, and kigelia and but today, for conservation purposes they are more commonly made from fiber-glass. A Mokoro ride in the Delta is an absolute “must do” even if it at first seems terrifying.

All guides learned to handle a Mokoro at a very tender age as low as seven, making them expert polers. It’s a careful balancing act – the simplest sudden turn or twist could land the passengers in the water. This vessel allows you to experience the delta in stealth and tranquility. Allowing you to get close to birds and other animals.

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Scenic Flights in Moremi

Enjoy scenic flights over the Moremi that makes up the greatest experience in Botswana. Focus down onto the wildlife and surrounding natures that will forever change your perception of this timeless land while you enjoy the scenic flights over the Delta getting the overall perspective of the area. when weather conditions are calmer.

Moremi t - Botswana-Visiterlafrique 1 Moremi t - Botswana-Visiterlafrique


Self-Drive Safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Self drive Botswana, at the comfort of your own pace traverse through this wild and unspoilt land. Seldriving in Botswana is an experience on its own. You will need a 4×4 vehicle, a high lift jack, a tow rope plenty of water and fuel and food. Take note that a large percent of the area you will cover will not have cellphone reception.

Kalagadi - Botswana-VisiterlafriqueKalagadi - Botswana-Visiterlafrique 1