Terrasse des épices is a staple within the heart of the Marrakech Medina. The perfect restaurant bolt hole to rest, relax and enjoy a cocktail or a traditional Moroccan meal. This medina idyll is tucked away in one of the small winding streets of the Medina souks, 15, souk Cherifia. Sidi Abdelaziz. Médina, Marrakech 40000. Upon arrival you are greeted by a courtyard laced with stalls selling trinkets, follow the stairs and arrive at the expansive roof terrace overlooking the Medina. Terrasse des épices proves popular due to its aesthetic. The Rustic cubicles provide a nice element of privacy and shade when dining, teamed with the beach like décor of straw hats, lampshades and soft bohemian furnishings.


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A warm welcome was received by one of the waiters, adorned with his straw hat and a crisp shirt; we were escorted to a cubicle to begin our experience. The menu quickly followed, with a number of great traditional options from Tagine to Couscous.

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Being Friday, I opted for a chicken Couscous, the traditional meal eaten on Fridays by locals. In addition to the couscous the mixed grill was also ordered.  While I waited, I observed the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, diners coming in and out, waiters kept busy taking and delivering orders all while ambient background music echoed through the restaurant.

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The food quickly arrived and looked wonderful. A healthy serving of Couscous and mixed grill ensured that I would definitely be full upon departure. Morocco is known for its flavours and spices and the wonderful marriage it creates within the traditional food. However, Terrasse des épices was slightly lacking in this department. The Couscous lacked flavour while the mixed grill proved a little dry. For an average meal in the restaurant costing 120 Dirhams (Approximately 12 Euros) I definitely expected more. With local eateries costing around 30-40 dirhams for the same meal and always packed with flavour and large portion sizes, you are almost paying for the pleasure of dining at the restaurant, rather than the food itself.

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Although the experience was a pleasant one, with great staff, peaceful surroundings and great ambience. I feel it is a place to dine just once. A great option for cocktails or to hang out with friends in the evening. But if you are a foodie, then there are far better options.