Marrakech also known as the “Red City” for the red clay buildings seen throughout, to the deep red Berber tapestry adorning beautiful spaces to the impeccable red and orange sunrises and sunsets that grace each day.


Jemaa el-Fnaa is the heart of the City, housing the beautiful Koutoubia mosque which is the largest mosque in Marrakech and a beautiful focal point for both visitors and locals during call for prayer, as well as the must see Medina Souk.


The Souk in the day is a magical Aladdin’s cave of beautiful treasures, leathers, tapestries, jewelry, spices and other Moroccan wonders. By night the square turns into a Moroccan tail with storytellers, jugglers, belly dancers, snake charmers and an abundance of food stalls with every type of food you can imagine.

I really enjoy visiting the souks in the day, after all these years there are still so many new things to discover. Just when I think I have mastered every winding road and intimate corner, I end up somewhere new and unexpected.

One of my favorite artisans is Imad, he specialises in making shoes from beautiful leathers or suede. He has some great designs already, but if you are looking to create something special to have your Carrie Bradshaw moment then you can easily design your own shoe.


Creating a “Modern Morocco” aesthetic through interior décor is something the souk is perfect for. Picking up a beautiful light fixture or creating your own bespoke cushion, even looking for the ideal rug to complement a space. With a variety of colour pallets, from rustic reds and browns to neutral beiges, whites and greys. The perfect interior accent can always be found or made to accommodate your needs.

Beauty products and holistic remedies are crucial for every woman. The souk provides organic holistic alternatives for health aliments in addition to natural alternatives for lipsticks, perfumes, eyeliner and even hair tints. The women’s cooperative is the go to pace within the Souk. There are a number of women’s cooperatives located throughout the Souk. It is a government supported store, which tries to ensure that products within it are original, teamed with supporting local women and men in providing jobs and training within this field. They are able to advice, support and guide you on choosing the right products that accommodate your needs. From solutions for insomnia, headaches, clear skin to a whole lot more.


Some of my favourite things to pick up from the women’s cooperative are the perfume bars; the amber scent and vanilla and sandalwood scents are amazing. Argon oil as we know is a must in Morocco teamed with the Moroccan clay mask perfect for the hair and the body.

With so much to do and discover in the souk, allow enough time to leisurely enjoy and explore for some great treasures and trinkets.
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