Relais & Châteaux house an elite network of privately owned hotels and restaurants globally which pride themselves on offering the ultimate level of luxury service and experience to its customers through the innovative design, aesthetic and service delivery. Very few properties make the Relais & Chateaux list. I had the privilege of spending one very tranquil night at one of their properties in Marrakech. The sumptuous Ksar Char Bagh, located approximately 20 minutes outside of Marrakech in the palatial Palmerie area. 

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I entered the grand compound, surrounded by trees, shrubbery and a winding path that lead to total beauty. The imposing Moroccan gilded doors at the end of the path indicated that I had arrived. With a beautiful lobby welcoming me, designed with intrinsic architectural details and rustic tones, merging both a Moroccan and Italian esque design. This helped to set the tone of what was to come. I was welcomed by the wonderful GiGi, ushered to sit down and begin my experience. After going through the check in process I was escorted through the main courtyard which boasted a tranquil central water feature and complete and utter silence, except for the distant sounds of chirping birds.

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I arrived at my sumptuous suit, tastefully furnished with Moroccan accent pieces, carved wooden furniture, Moroccan artwork, beautifully detailed lighting features and perfectly placed windows on both sides encompassing the panoramic views of the hotel and surrounding landscape. The suit instantly created a sense of calm and utter peace. I was then lead upstairs to my private roof terrace, which overlooked all of Palmerie, the perfect hideout for a true R&R experience.

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After some time exploring the 10 acre plot, discovering the vegetable garden and rustic hideaways, I then visited the breath-taking orangery, ideal for special events and their onsite spa boasting an array of traditional and western treatments. The Moroccan fusion restaurant released flavourful smells and the abundance of open space surrounding the hotel makes it the perfect place to discover at a leisurely pace. Making the Ksar Char Bagh a true home away from home.

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Feeling famished I retreated to the room, looked over the mouth-watering menu of reasonably priced delicious food options ranging from €15 to €40 in price and ordered some pan fried Seabass with root vegetables sourced from the garden. I then headed back to the terrace to take in the sunset. Before I knew it, there was a subtle knock at the door and a well-dressed member of the team arrived, wearing a pleasant smile and ushering in my tray of fragrant food.  Both presentation and taste of the fresh organic vegetables, teamed with the subtly spiced fish excelled anything I had imagined.

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It was finally time to snuggle into the king size bed which had been calling me since I had arrived. A truly spectacular night’s sleep, waking up to a truly tranquil sunrise. The Ksar Char Bagh is the place you go when you want to unwind, recharge and reflect. It’s for those looking to slow down, switch off, even if just for a few days. The friendly staff, teamed with the intimacy of the property makes you feel as if you were in your own palatial home. This has to be one of my favourite places in Marrakech.

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